Debbie Hensleigh is a serial entrepreneur and business coach who is intent on living life on purpose. She is a speaker, writer and leads workshops on intentionally designing your best ThirdThird, from ages 60 to 90. Building on the FirstThird (learning years) and the SecondThird (earning years), the ThirdThird can be the best Third. Please visit Debbie’s website here

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5 years ago

5 Ways to Simplify and Focus on What is Important

In 2002, my husband asked me to meet him for lunch. It wasn’t our custom to meet for lunch and especially not at a nice restaurant. I should have known he was up to something! Read More

5 years ago

Changing the Way You Think with Positive Affirmations

Saying daily positive affirmations, out loud, is a very effective way to live on purpose. Having true, positive statements you say about and to yourself is rewarding, energizing and focusing, and can change the way you think. Read More