Diana Raab, PhD, is memoirist, blogger, speaker, and award-winning author of 10 books, and numerous articles. She often writes and speaks on writing for healing and transformation. Her latest books are Writing for Bliss: A Seven-Step Program for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life and Writing for Bliss: A Companion Journal. Explore her books and Conversation Cards for Meaningful Storytelling.

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2 months ago

The Importance of Gratitude This Thanksgiving

I’ve always considered November to be the month of gratitude. This is not to say that gratitude shouldn’t be practiced every month of the year, but during this month, I believe it’s particularly important to make it a priority…

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4 months ago

Breast Cancer and Writing: What’s the Connection?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year, I am deeply aware of my own journey, as this year marks my 20th anniversary as a breast cancer survivor. When diagnosed with DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) at the age of 47, I was happily raising…

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5 months ago

How to Cope with the Suicide of a Loved One

Although suicide isn’t a subject most of us like to talk about, the fact is that September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide is an issue that has been occupying my mind for more than five decades. It all began when I was 10 years old…

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5 months ago

How I Found Empowerment in Going Back to School

Nine years ago, at the age of 58, I returned to school for my PhD in transpersonal psychology. As a healer and writer, I thought that my research would be a perfect fit for my life path. In addition to wanting to do research and write books and articles…

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6 months ago

Reminiscing of My Best Childhood Summers

Whether it’s the fact that we’re coming out of the pandemic or just my mood this summer, I’ve been spending a lot of time poring over old photos and reminiscing about some of the best summers of my childhood. The summer of 1969 really stands out…

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7 months ago

Musings on Being a Grandmother in a Strange World

My oldest grandchild just turned five, and since he was born, I have been blessed with four more grandchildren. Becoming a grandparent has been a magical experience for me. I never knew that it would elicit an entirely new set of thoughts and emotions…

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9 months ago

Mothering Yourself Can Be a Nourishing Experience

It’s easy to think of May as a month to honor mothers; however, there are those who were born to moms who did not want them, those they were estranged from, or mothers who’ve passed away. For these individuals, Mother’s Day can be a time…

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10 months ago

Happy National Poetry Month: The Healing Power of Poetry

When I was six years old, at sleepaway camp, I wrote my first poem and sent it to my parents in a letter. I was extremely homesick, so writing those words helped me express and release those feelings. The form of my poem was different from those…

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11 months ago

Honoring Women’s History Month: Anaïs Nin

March is Women’s History Month, and there are so many women to honor who’ve carved an important place in history. This month, I choose to highlight someone whose writing has personally changed my life: writer Anaïs Nin…

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12 months ago

Celebrating the Month of Love

Whether you believe in “Hallmark Card” holidays like Valentine’s Day or not, the month of February, also known as the Month of Love, is a good time to think about someone you love, either alive or passed. But instead of sending flowers…

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