Rosanne Ullman has a long freelance writing career. She is the author of the children's picture book The Case of the Disappearing Kisses, an admin for the Facebook group "Grammar Matters," and the creator and instructor of the Write My Memoirs Grammar and Writing Course.

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2 weeks ago

Is Cosmetic Eye Surgery Worth it for Older Women? Here Are the Pros and Cons, and the In-Betweens

To prepare my friends for my latest news – that my husband had cosmetic surgery on his lower eyelids – I say, “I have something to tell you, and afterward I’ll wait until you stop laughing.” But apparently, the joke is on me, because no one laughs…

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1 month ago

Want to Feel Relevant After 60? Serve on a School Board

Community service is a great way to put to use our six decades of wisdom, and typically any locality will offer plenty of opportunities for volunteers of all ages. But if you want to really amp up your impact, consider rolling your volunteering energy…

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3 months ago

How Can We Communicate Better in a World of “Easy” Communication?

Do you ever just call someone out of the blue? More likely, you text at least a day ahead to make a “date” to talk. Our generation didn’t come up with this protocol, but we seem to be following suit. I’m rebelling! One evening after dinner, in the middle…

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4 months ago

The Best Reason Your Kids Should Become Young Parents

Many of us whose children have entered their 30s are still waiting to become grandparents. We understand that our kids have every right to make their own decisions about when and whether to become parents. If they never want to have children…

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5 months ago

Spectacular Hair Color Options for Fabulous Older Women (Photos)

Should I let my hair go gray? We all face that tough decision sooner or later. We can let nature take control all along, or when gray first appears, we can punt and color our hair “for the time being.” By age 60, it’s no longer the time being. I find that women our age talk…

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5 months ago

Is a Gap Year Right for You?

If you’re having a late-blooming midlife crisis, maybe you need time away from whatever it is you’re doing, especially if that’s sitting around feeling mildly depressed. Try something new or revisit something you used to enjoy. Give it a year – or don’t set an end date…

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6 months ago

Is Over 60 Too Late to Get Your Master’s Degree?

We all have our “someday” goals, and as the years march on and we close in on the expiration date of someday, we often let those ambitions fade away. So when a friend in her 60s received her master’s degree…

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7 months ago

Is Your Heart Healthy? Check Your Heart Valves!

February is Heart Month, which I never thought would concern me much. I already had a month – October, Breast Cancer Month. I’d had breast cancer in 2002 at age 48, so I thought that earned me a free health pass. And it did for a while…

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8 months ago

Product Reviews: To Write or Not to Write?

Normally, I dismiss any plea for a product review. Instead of a cute tag on a string, the request typically comes in a follow-up email to confirmation that my purchase has been delivered. Who has time to review?

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9 months ago

The One Exhausting Thing About Moving

When we move from one home to another, we anticipate a learning curve. We expect that waking up those first few days will feel strange in that unfamiliar room, even if it’s in the same bed. We know we’ll have to set up yet one more kitchen…

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