Janet Gourand is a writer, a podcaster and a recovery coach. She quit drinking in 2015 at the age of 63. She founded Tribe Sober which enables people to change their relationship with alcohol. Tribe Sober is an international community which offers a membership program, workshops, recovery coaching and challenges.

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3 days ago

Walking Back to the Happiness of Sobriety

When I was a young chick (admittedly a long, long time ago), I used to love listening The Who singing “Hope I die before I get old” and used to be in complete agreement with that sentiment. Well, the passing of time changes everything…

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3 weeks ago

Seven Reasons to Try a Sober Spring in 2023

The global wellness economy is estimated to be worth $4 trillion. You read that right – $4 trillion! We are on an endless quest for vitality and youth. Yet many of us drink alcohol, a known toxin. We start drinking at college just to fit in…

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