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7 Best Travel Journals for Women Over 50

By Sandra Roussy December 08, 2023 Travel

Whether you’re setting out on a solo trip, planning a romantic getaway with your partner, or going on unforgettable adventures with friends, one thing is for sure: capturing these moments is essential. That’s where travel journals come into play. Let’s look at some journals designed to capture the essence of your travels, providing a canvas for your memories and a space to pen the tales of your seasoned journeys.

  1. Peter Pauper Press Travel Journal –This travel journal features 144 pages made with premium 120 gsm paper, light gray lines for guidance, and a handy pocket for notes and flat items.
  2. Clever Fox Travel Journal – The Clever Fox Travel Journal helps you create bucket lists, plan organized adventures, and capture memorable moments. With thoughtful design, it includes features like safety tips, glossaries, and financial tracking, making it an ideal travel companion.
  3. Letterfolk Trip Passport – The Letterfolk Trip Passport is a versatile travel journal with a design that encourages immersion in your journey. Each entry page, whether used for an entire trip or a single day, is accompanied by a blank page for notes, mementos, and photos, while the back pages provide resources like bucket lists, flight logs, and checklists, making it a comprehensive and stylish travel companion.
  4. Promptly Travel Journal – The Promptly Travel Journal is a guided journal for a single trip, featuring prompts to record important trip details and memories. It includes sections for itineraries, memorable moments, highlights, transportation, accommodations, food, mishaps, travel companions, and space for mementos and photos.
  5. MARK & GRAHAM World Travel Journal – The Mark & Graham leather bound World Travel Journal is an indispensable travel companion offering features like journaling space, city maps, weather info, and international dialing codes.
  6. Hand-Made Travel Journal on Etsy – A handmade travel journal, creatively designed with vibrant cover options and an array of thoughtful features, including map spreads and reflective prompts, is the perfect companion for wanderlust enthusiasts seeking to capture and cherish their adventures.
  7. Paper Source Travel Planner –The Paper Source Travel Planner is a meticulously designed and stylish tool for travelers, offering features like itinerary planning, accommodation documentation, packing lists, and daily activity organization.

How to Choose the Best Journal for You

Selecting the perfect travel journal is like choosing a trusty companion for your adventures, one that will faithfully capture the nature of your journeys. To streamline this process and ensure you go on your travels well-prepared, consider the following steps when selecting the travel journal that will become your constant voyage confidant.

Travel Intentions

Begin by understanding the purpose of your travel journal. Are you documenting a specific trip, recording travel memories, or sketching your way through foreign landscapes? Your journal’s purpose will guide your choice.

Size and Portability

Think about the practicality of carrying your journal during your travels. Compact and lightweight options are preferable for on-the-go adventures, while more substantial journals suit longer trips or those with ample downtime.

Paper Quality

Assess the quality of the paper, as it can significantly impact your writing or sketching experience. Consider factors such as paper thickness, texture, and whether it accommodates your preferred writing and drawing tools.

Binding and Cover

Choose a binding style that caters to your travel needs. Whether it’s a durable hardcover for added protection or a flexible cover that can adapt to your journey’s demands, the binding should match your travel style.

Layout and Design

Depending on your creative preferences, opt for blank pages to unleash unstructured creativity or lined and dotted grids for organized travelog entries. The cover design should also resonate with your wanderlust spirit.

Number of Pages

Estimate how many pages you’ll need for your travel journal. A thicker journal may be essential if you’re going on an extensive journey to ensure you don’t run out of space.

Travel-Focused Features

Some travel journals come with bonus features like pockets for collecting mementos, built-in bookmarks, or even prompts to inspire your travel writing. Choose the ones that enhance your travel documentation experience.

Personal Connection

Sometimes, a travel journal will simply call out to you. Trust your instincts if you feel a personal connection to a particular journal based on its design, feel, or overall appeal.

Reviews and Recommendations

Explore reviews and seek recommendations from fellow travelers who have experience with travel journals. Their insights can be invaluable in making an informed decision.


For a unique touch, consider customizing your travel journal with your name, a travel quote, or an image that holds special significance.

The ideal travel journal is the one that resonates with your traveling style, suits your travel intentions, and invites you to preserve the memories of your explorations.

Travel Journals for Women over 50

Peter Pauper Press Travel Journal

Peter Pauper Press Travel Journal

From my personal favorite notebook maker, Peter Pauper Press, discover the perfect companion for your upcoming journey! With 144 crisp pages, this travel journal offers ample room for recording your adventures, personal reflections, and artistic sketches.

Its premium 120 gsm archival paper ensures a smooth canvas for your thoughts and memories. Subtle light gray lines guide your writing while a handy pocket inside the back cover stores maps, notes, and tickets. The die-cut foldover cover panel securely closes with a magnet, and the travel-themed collage design adds a touch of wanderlust to every page.

Clever Fox Travel Journal

Clever Fox Travel Journal

The Clever Fox Travel Journal is your key to creating memories and embracing adventure. Craft your travel bucket list, explore new places, and ensure safe, organized trips. This fun journal helps you seize every moment. Prepare lists of places to see, use travel planner pages for daily schedules, and record memorable moments in a travel diary.

It includes safety tips, a glossary for new places, packing lists, emergency contacts, a travel budget section, and an expense tracker for financial peace of mind. It comes with an elastic band, pen loop, ribbon bookmark, pocket, 150+ stickers, and a kickstart user guide.

Letterfolk Trip Passport

Letterfolk Trip Passport

The Letterfolk Trip Passport is an exceptional travel partner, designed to not just record your journeys but to immerse you in the experience. Every entry page, whether documenting a full trip or a single day within it, is thoughtfully accompanied by a blank canvas where you can pour your thoughts, attach mementos like ticket stubs and postcards, or affix your cherished photos, transforming it into a vibrant travel scrapbook.

The back pages of the Trip Passport offer inspirational bucket lists to flight logs for journey documentation and practical checklists, these pages ensure your travels are both enriching and well-organized. Crafted with a foil-stamped stipple cover and center-sewn binding, this 48-page journal, comprising 20 trip sections and 8 bonus pages, is a stylish, durable, and invaluable tool for avid travelers.

Promptly Travel Journal

Promptly Travel Journal

The Promptly Travel Journal is a dedicated guided journal designed to document a single trip, whether you choose to take it along on your adventure or complete it upon your return home. With carefully crafted prompts, it ensures that you capture the essential details, vivid memories, and the array of emotions experienced during your journey.

Within the journal, you’ll find sections that guide you through a comprehensive trip itinerary, covering up to a 31-day vacation. You can record memorable moments, highlights, insights about transportation and accommodations, notes on culinary experiences, stories of mishaps, reflections on travel companions, and spaces to put mementos and precious photos, allowing you to encapsulate the essence of your voyage with depth and clarity.

MARK & GRAHAM World Travel Journal

MARK & GRAHAM World Travel Journal

The Mark & Graham leather bound World Travel Journal is the ultimate companion for adventurous explorers, whether you’re going on a global odyssey or a nearby weekend getaway.

Within its pages, you’ll discover a world of features, including space for personal journaling, detailed full-color city maps, essential world weather information, international dialing codes, and much more.

Hand-Made Travel Journal on Etsy

Hand-Made Travel Journal on Etsy

This pretty handmade journal is crafted from paper, ink, and metal binding. Tailored for wanderlust enthusiasts, it’s a canvas to capture vibrant memories. The cover is super thick and is available in green tonal letterpress, kelp green tonal, or chai latte with navy letterpress.

Inside, map spreads help visualize your journey, and 136 pages (68 double-sided) offer ample space for recording adventures. Sixteen trip segments include reflective prompts and open areas for freewriting, allowing you to document your best memories, favorite things, gratitude, and newfound knowledge.

There’s also a section for listing your favorite locations and eateries, along with contact information for new friends. The journal’s spiral binding ensures it lies flat, promoting comfortable writing. It’s the ideal travel companion for preserving the essence of your explorations.

Paper Source Travel Planner

Paper Source Travel Planner

This Travel Planner from Paper Source is a beautifully designed and stylish travel mate. This comprehensive planner is perfect for travelers seekers and meticulous organizers alike. Its features include detailed itinerary planning, space for documenting accommodations, packing lists, and daily activities.

With its versatile layout and high-quality construction, the Paper Source Travel Planner is the perfect tool to help you make the most of your journeys.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you journal about your travels? What type of journal do you use to document your journeys? Do you journal while traveling or do you take the time to write about your travels when you get back home? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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