Shari Broder works with foodies who want to be a healthy weight. She teaches women how to ditch diets, stop emotional eating, and enjoy the foods they love while losing their desire to overeat along with their excess weight. She is a health coach and host of the Weight Loss for Foodies podcast. Learn more at and on the Weight Loss for Foodies YouTube Channel.

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1 month ago

Surf Those Urges to Eat When You Aren’t Hungry

Do you get the urge to eat when you’re not hungry, and just give in? Do you think you can’t stop doing this because you don’t have any willpower? The fact is that you don’t have to have willpower to make the decision not to eat when you’re tempted to do so…

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3 months ago

What is Your Hunger for? More Pleasure in Your Life or Food?

As women, it has almost become a cliché that we take care of the rest of the world but don’t do a great job taking care of ourselves. We’re so busy looking after everyone else that we often place ourselves at the bottom of the list…

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4 months ago

How to Create New Eating Habits for Permanent Weight Loss

Are you sick and tired of hopping on and off the diet hamster wheel, but you want to be a comfortable, healthy weight? If you are serious about losing weight, the only way to get permanent results is by changing your eating habits…

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6 months ago

The One Thing You Must Do to Permanently Lose Weight After 60

If you could do just one thing to lose weight and keep it off, would you do it? What if I told you that you wouldn’t have to give up carbs? Or sugar! You wouldn’t have to follow a diet, or count calories or even exercise daily. No special…

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7 months ago

Trying to Lose Weight After 60? Here Are 3 Steps for Dealing with the Impulsive Urge to Eat

One of the biggest challenges for people trying to lose weight is what to do when they feel like eating but aren’t hungry. That’s the main reason people are overweight – because they don’t eat in response to their hunger and fullness signals…

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8 months ago

How to Manage Your Emotions Instead of Eating to Avoid Them

We’re all feeling such an array of emotions this year. If you’ve been eating to avoid the discomfort of some of them, then you’ve likely gained weight. What you’re doing is emotional eating, and that is the biggest cause of overeating…

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9 months ago

Why Keeping an Eating Journal Is Key for Permanent Weight Loss

Do you keep a record of what you eat? Why would anyone want to bother to keep an eating journal each day? If you want to keep your weight down but still enjoy the foods you love and stay off the diet hamster wheel…

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10 months ago

What You Need to Know About Night Eating After 60

One issue with which many of my clients struggle is eating at night, after they have had dinner. I hear things like: “My husband and I watch TV and snack after dinner.” “I feel mildly hungry around 9-ish, and am afraid that if I don’t eat…

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12 months ago

How to Manage Pandemic Anxiety to Avoid Weight Gain and Stress

Have you been experiencing surges of anxiety pretty much daily since the pandemic started? Or maybe you’re feeling a low level buzz of stress. Your brain may be swirling with all kinds of “what ifs” that you can’t answer…

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1 year ago

5 Ways Inadequate Sleep Can Undermine Your Weight Loss Efforts After 60

Do you have some days when you feel hungry all day, no matter what you eat? That might be because you didn’t get enough sleep the night before.  Read More