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Noreen Kolesar specializes in brain health and fitness. She aims to raise awareness of this important topic and offers simple, proven strategies based on the latest brain research findings. She is committed to a holistic lifestyle and life-long learning. She enjoys nature, including growing a large organic garden. Visit her website here

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3 weeks ago

7 Reasons a Simple Walk Will Keep Your Brain Fit After 60

Off to my fitness class I go. I have all the necessary gear in a bag on the car seat beside me. When I arrive, I drive around looking for a parking spot closest to the door. Participants from an earlier class are just coming out so I’m lucky to nab a good spot…

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2 months ago

Abstract Thinking and Dementia: 4 Exercises to Keep Your Brain Fit as You Age

If dementia was a bowl of homemade vegetable soup, each ingredient would represent a different symptom of the disease. Naturally, no two bowls of soup are the same. The symptom most people associate with dementia…

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4 months ago

Multitasking in Your 60s? Consider the Benefits of These 4 Multitasking Scenarios

How many times a day do you catch yourself multitasking? Talking on the phone while watching TV and cooking is not uncommon for many women over 60. But is it efficient? Allegedly, Leonardo da Vinci had been able to write…

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2 years ago

How to Deal with Dehydration by Drinking More Water

As a young woman I suffered regularly from excruciating migraine headaches. They were the crawl into bed, close the door, lower the blinds, pull the covers over my head and curl up in the fetal position type of headaches. No light. No sound…

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3 years ago

It’s Not Dementia! 5 Factors That Contribute to Forgetfulness

You have misplaced your car keys. It is the third time this week. Is this the beginning of dementia? Maybe. Maybe not. Many things in our lives run to the extreme. On the one extreme, memory loss and confusion were once considered a normal part of aging…

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3 years ago

5 Unexpected Early Warning Signs of Dementia

For many people, the progression of dementia may be very slow. And, many individuals with very early stages of dementia learn how to cover it up. As we currently have a large demographic of our population aging, more research is going into the very important…

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