Cindy Boatman is retiring after 40 years in the workforce. She has successfully completed a Yoga teacher’s training certification program and is passionate about personal growth and sharing that knowledge with others. She loves to travel and spend time with family. Writing is her creative outlet.

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4 weeks ago

How to Bravely Face the Stranger in the Mirror

I think someone must have replaced my mirror with one of those funhouse mirrors. You know, the ones that distort your reflection into all sorts of odd configurations? The only problem is that it’s not that funny! Some days I find myself struggling…

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2 months ago

Is Your Control Freak in Full Costume This Halloween?

‘Tis the season of ghosts, ghouls, goblins and freaks, but are you wearing your control freak mask year-round? There are those of us who struggle with varying degrees of that need and/or obsession to exercise control over ourselves and others…

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