Cindy Boatman is excited to share her research and personal insights, hoping to help others live their best lives as they age. She is retired, pursing her dream to write, enjoying nature, travel, and her grandkids. She completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification program in 2020.

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3 weeks ago

The Value of Friendship

Friendship, while as unique as its individual participants, usually includes the elements of love, kindness, humor, flexibility, reciprocity, and compromise. Since these are common elements of any good relationship, how does friendship differ?

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2 months ago

Are You Hydrating for Optimal Health?

Painful foot cramps recently reminded me of how important it is to stay hydrated. When I’m under-hydrating, I also see the telltale signs in my skin condition and the harsher-than-usual appearance of the fine lines under my eyes…

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3 months ago

Are Your Thoughts Limiting Your Life?

I recently watched the National Geographic original series Limitless with Chris Hemsworth. It is an interesting and entertaining documentary on how the latest scientific research is changing conventional wisdom about the limits of the human body…

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4 months ago

Personality Tests: Time to Get Personal!

Personality tests are just plain fun for some of us! We like learning about what makes us tick. By design, these tests reveal character traits in a variety of settings. They are a means to identify one’s emotional makeup, motivators, preferences, and interests…

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5 months ago

One Year Later, The Road Ahead: I Just Retired

My first post-retirement article, “The Road Ahead: I Just Retired,” captured my mindset once the dust settled. It’s a good starting point to reflect on my first year of retirement. Looking at reality vs. expectations, the unexpected, and where my thoughts…

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6 months ago

Are You Taking Care of Your Brain Health?

Various polls of seniors rank the fear of receiving an Alzheimer’s diagnosis right under the fear of being diagnosed with cancer. For some, the fear of Alzheimer’s is equal to or greater than that of a cancer diagnosis…

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8 months ago

Are You Adventurous?

I’m certain the desire for adventure has been rooted deeply within me since childhood. This, coming from a person who equally craves a sense of safety and security! While the two may seem incompatible, in my experience they are not…

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8 months ago

Fabulous Ways to Celebrate Fall!

I have a deeply rooted love affair with fall. Even as a little girl, I sensed something magical about the season. Jumping into raked piles of leaves in our yard was a favorite activity. On Halloween, my best friend and I trick-or-treated door to door…

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9 months ago

A City Girl’s 1st RV Experience

Some folks in the small community where I reside have referred to me as a “city girl” though I’m not from a large hometown. I confess to enjoying shopping, eating out, movies, nice hotels and other conveniences. I also love the country…

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10 months ago

Have You Written an Emotional Will?

Part of the aging process includes handling practical matters such as ensuring one’s affairs are in order. If you’ve not already done so, in the future you’ll most likely prepare a “Will” directing distribution of your assets and personal effects…

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