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Fabulous Ways to Celebrate Fall!

By Cindy Boatman September 21, 2022 Lifestyle

I have a deeply rooted love affair with fall. Even as a little girl, I sensed something magical about the season. Jumping into raked piles of leaves in our yard was a favorite activity. On Halloween, my best friend and I trick-or-treated door to door gathering as much candy as possible, which resulted in epic sugar highs (and possibly a few cavities)!

As a teenager, fall ushered in the Friday night high school football season and our favorite homecoming tradition, football mums! In our day, they were made with real chrysanthemums, the smell of which can trigger many happy memories. Not to mention how much I loved ordering a cup of hot chocolate upon the arrival of the first chilly evening at the football stadium!

The Love Affair Continues…

As an adult, and with each passing year, I find myself more enamored with autumn. Being a Texan, fall can be more of a state of mind than an actual change in weather. September 1st generally marks the beginning of the season without regard to the official date of the fall equinox (northern hemisphere).

Truthfully, Texans are grateful for having survived August and equally eager to bid it farewell! Occasionally we are graced with an early cool spell, which sends our feel-good hormones soaring! Regardless of the meteorological conditions, come September 1st my fall loving friends begin their seasonal transition of wardrobe and retrieval of fall décor for display in their homes and work settings.

The symbolic and spiritual elements of fall also resonate deeply within me. I recently enjoyed an article by Rose Mulu titled Symbols and Symbolism of Autumn that you might find interesting as well. All said, I suspect many of you enjoy autumn as much as I do. And be it your favorite season or not, there are so many ways to celebrate it!

A Few Fun Ways to Celebrate Fall!

#1: Engage Your Senses

  • Vibrant colors abound; notice the nuances in the changing leaves, the blueness of the sky, the orange of a pumpkin, and the yellow, lavender, and bronze colors of the chrysanthemums.
  • Delight your tastebuds with a pumpkin spice latte, caramel macchiato, or your favorite fall coffee or tea beverage; sample a cream cheese pumpkin roll; devour a warm piece of apple pie.
  • Give your body a cuddle up in your favorite throw; breathe in the crisp autumn air; handpick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.
  • Enjoy a pumpkin or spice scented candle; diffuse a fall blend of citrusy essential oils such as bergamot, lemon and sweet orange.
  • Take a walk in the park or country and listen to the fallen leaves crunch beneath your feet; listen for trumpeting geese as they fly south for winter.

#2: Focus on Fall Fashion

  • Luxuriate in the rich colors and textures of autumnal fashion; delight in the vast array of boot styles; treat yourself to a new hat, scarf, or jacket.
  • Schedule a makeover at your favorite cosmetic counter to sample the fall offerings.
  • Consider a new hairstyle or color.

#3: Matters of the Heart

  • Fall is a great time to evaluate your life. Take pen to pad and make a list of the things that are promoting health, personal growth and well-being in your life. Invite them to stay.
  • Make another list of the things that no longer serve you. Bid them farewell and allow them to fall away with the season.
  • Find a volunteer opportunity in your community and give back.
  • Journal or say aloud three things for which you are grateful each morning.

#4: Other Ways to Celebrate

  • Plan a trip to a destination with beautiful fall foliage.
  • Attend a fall festival in your area.
  • Visit a farmer’s market and enjoy the harvest.
  • Build or attend a bonfire and roast marshmallows.
  • If you celebrate Thanksgiving, give some thought and planning towards cultivating the best Thanksgiving possible, be it with family or perhaps a quieter version!

Yes, fall does include the element of decay, but it is just a part of the cycle of seasons that our lives revolve around. It is a time to celebrate our expansion, allow certain things to fall away, and prepare for our winter’s rest. I hope you find joy in celebrating fall this season!

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What do you love most about fall? What are your favorite activities? What are your favorite fashions and cosmetic items?

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Cindy Boatman

Loved reading all of your comments! It was a joy for me to write about my favorite season!


I look forward to seeing cobwebs fly through the air. My grandfather said when the cobwebs fly it is time to plant the winter wheat. I don’t farm but I do reseed the lawn when they fly.


I lived in Dallas long ago and still remember the excitement of wearing a mini sweater dress and tights despite it still being in the 80s in late Sept.Fast forward, 35 yrs later, now 69, in so cal and I just bought a brown and tan plaid flannel cute shirt to wear with my new brown tweed newsboy cap and FINALLY my beloved suede high boots😍😁. Not much has changed for me! I do love Fall! Thank you for the lovely article 🎉🎉👢

Last edited 1 year ago by Karen

Reading this article has made me feel good. Happy Autumnal memories as a child and as an adult. Walking with my dog in the park or driving through the Chase early morning is so beautiful.
I love to get back into jumpers, jeans and boots. I am Looking forward to the season.

Barbara Larson

I love those childhood memories as fall has ALWAYS been my favorite season. I remember those leaf piles, the mums and of course high school and college football. Wonderful article made me smile!

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Cindy Boatman is excited to share her research and personal insights, hoping to help others live their best lives as they age. She is retired, pursing her dream to write, enjoying nature, travel, and her grandkids. She completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification program in 2020.

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