Laura Galbato is mosaic artist, writer and healthy living enthusiast. After a successful career as a compensation consultant for LCG Group and Towers Perrin, she returned to earlier passions for her second act. Laura loves hiking, golf, mosaic art, and a good glass of champagne.

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1 week ago

How to Grow Your Vocabulary in a Shrinking-Vocabulary World

I hear myself using some of the same words over and over. Words like nice, cool, wow, and pretty. Maybe the guy is nice, but there’s a plethora of words that may better describe him. Maybe he’s good-natured, pleasant, friendly, hospitable, cordial, amiable…

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3 weeks ago

Are You Suffering from Negativitis?

We all complain now and then. It’s human nature. But it’s a slippery slope and the more we complain, the worse it gets. When it gets out of control and becomes a habit, we’ve contracted that insidious disease known as negativitis. Inflammation of negative thinking…

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