Felicia Reid is a board certified nutritional therapy practitioner and a registered yoga teacher. She’s passionate about empowering others with knowledge about nutrition, movement and lifestyle choices, so that they can thrive and live their best life at every age. Find her at https://thewellnesschair.com and on instagram @thewellnesschair.

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1 month ago

Do Habits Dictate What You Eat?

So much of our daily life is the result of habits, and we don’t even realize it until we step aside and observe our actions. Eating, too, becomes habitual. Just take a moment and think about how, when, what and where you ate this past week. Then, read on…

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1 month ago

Easy Ways to Save When Shopping for Groceries

When prices start to rise, it’s natural to think twice before buying anything and to begin to make changes where necessary. Many people become quite creative in how they pick and choose what to buy and when. It’s no different when it comes…

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6 months ago

Kickstart Your Digestive Health with Fiber  

When all else seems too daunting, simply adding dietary fiber into your daily diet may improve the function of your gastrointestinal system, your immune system and aid in the prevention and onset of diseases like diabetes, heart disease…

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8 months ago

Healthy Eating Habits for a Healthy Mind

The subject of mental health, including stress, anxiety and depression, has entered our homes in record numbers over the past couple of years. The ups and downs of life exacerbated by a pandemic, a war, ever increasing inflation and a whole list…

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9 months ago

Managing Inflammation Leads to Healthier Bones

Inflammation is your body’s favorite companion, sometimes. Realistically, you can’t live without it, but when it becomes too clingy you can’t live with it either. In the short term, inflammation comes to the rescue when you have a minor infection or injury…

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10 months ago

Is Your Lymphatic System Resilient?

As Covid continues to linger within our communities, the conversation of immune boosting supplements, foods and the effectiveness of vaccines and masks continues. Why not redirect the conversation to contemplate what makes your body resilient…

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11 months ago

5 Yoga-Based Poses That Will Help You Overcome Your Fear of Falling (VIDEO)

Ask a group of older adults what they’re most afraid of as they age and almost always one of them will say, ‘falling’. Falling when you’re older often has consequences. According to a US nationwide study done by Texas A&M University Health Science Center…

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