Felicia Reid is a board certified nutritional therapy practitioner and a registered yoga teacher. She’s passionate about empowering others with knowledge about nutrition, movement and lifestyle choices, so that they can thrive and live their best life at every age. Find her at https://thewellnesschair.com and on instagram @thewellnesschair.

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12 hours ago

Is Your Lymphatic System Resilient?

As Covid continues to linger within our communities, the conversation of immune boosting supplements, foods and the effectiveness of vaccines and masks continues. Why not redirect the conversation to contemplate what makes your body resilient…

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1 month ago

5 Yoga-Based Poses That Will Help You Overcome Your Fear of Falling (VIDEO)

Ask a group of older adults what they’re most afraid of as they age and almost always one of them will say, ‘falling’. Falling when you’re older often has consequences. According to a US nationwide study done by Texas A&M University Health Science Center…

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