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26 Places (You Didn’t Consider) Where You Can Meet the Love of Your Life

By Lisa Copeland April 08, 2022 Dating

Have you considered meeting a man in real life versus at an online dating site? When I pose this question to the women I speak with, they often tell me they’re not sure where single men over 50 are hanging out.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Let’s clear that mystery up once and for all. Men are everywhere! But the reason it’s hard to meet them is because we tend to go to the same places over and over again.

We simply get in the pattern of staying within a 3- to 5-mile radius of where we live. Just think about the same restaurants you go to or the same movie theaters you frequent. We are creatures of habit!

Now that spring is here, it’s a good time to get out and start exploring some new places where you can meet men. A creative way to do this is to write all of the letters in the alphabet from A – Z on a piece of paper.

Fill in the Blanks

You’re going to have 26 lines. After each letter, I want you to write down a potential place, either in your area, or a place you want to visit that corresponds with that letter.

An easy example of this is A for airport. Men fly around the world for business on a daily basis. There’s always some man you can speak with whether it’s at one of the bars or restaurants in the airport or at the gate while you’re waiting to board.

I’m going to give you a couple of letters that are a little harder to figure out. Q is one of the hardest. How about the Quick Mart, which is like a convenience store?

Why is the Quick Mart a great place to meet a guy? Well, this is the place you both go to find something you need at the last minute.

Maybe it’s milk, or a bottle of wine, or even butter for a recipe you decided to make. You’re standing together in line, waiting to check out, so it’s an easy place to start a conversation.

Now let’s do the letter X. You could meet men in the Xerox place. For most of us, the Xerox place is Kinko’s, but you can call it the Xerox Place, because X is a pretty hard letter to fill in.

A lot of businessmen rely on Kinko’s to take care of their printing needs. You can ask a man questions about the project he’s picking up, and from there the conversation has the potential to take off.

Shared Interest Is Key

When you’re filling out your list, you’ll want to think about places where you might have a shared interest with men. You’re not going to find too many men at knitting classes. But you would find men rock climbing, hiking, and golfing.

If you love reading, head to the library or watch for men reading books on buses, trains, or even in a restaurant. You can always ask a question about the book they’re reading.

If you love music, go to concerts and bars that feature music and ask a man what his favorite band is. Your goal is choosing places that give you common ground so it’s easier to get the conversation flowing.

Conversation Is in Your Interest

Talk to men everywhere you go. Recently, I was at an airport restaurant grabbing lunch before my flight took off. A man was sitting close to me eating chili. I asked him how the chili was, and we got in a conversation that lead to figuring out we’d both grown up in the same area eating Cincinnati chili.

Talking to men everywhere makes you proactive and open to new opportunities. Yes, some men might be married but lots are single which means you just might talk to a man who could be the right match for you.

So, next time you find yourself thinking there are no good men out there, pull out your A-Z list and start heading to those places. Who knows, by the end of the summer, you could have a new man in your life!

What was the strangest place where you struck a conversation with a man? What story can you share about it? Do you think men are as eager – or scared! – to meet women as we are to meet them? Please use the comment box below!

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