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How to Manage Your Online Passwords

By Ann Voorhees Baker February 10, 2021

There are a number of rules that the experts tell us about passwords, and according to those rules, you’re supposed to use a different password for every account you have online. The passwords you use should not contain…

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Can You Relate to These Common Estate Planning Mistakes? (VIDEO)

By Marie Burns July 07, 2021

When you stop and think about it, choosing to do nothing in advance about something negative that is guaranteed to happen seems illogical, doesn’t it? And yet, human nature is that we avoid thinking about negative things, which is why…

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Online Banking Scams During the Pandemic and How Boomers Can Protect Themselves

By David Lukic May 26, 2021

Since the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a global pandemic, there has been an increase in online attempts to steal personal information or engage in fraud. According to new TransUnion research, 38% of consumers said they have been targeted…

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Why You Need to Be Ready to Take Over Your Family Finances

By Maryalene LaPonsie March 19, 2021

My husband didn’t expect to be diagnosed with esophageal cancer at age 34. I didn’t expect to become a widow at age 35. While it’s hard to call it a silver-lining, we were fortunate in that I was always our family’s breadwinner…

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The Magic (Pass)Words: It’s Not About Knowing, It’s About Doing (VIDEO)

By Marie Burns March 08, 2021

How many passwords do you have to keep track of? Have you ever counted them? I stopped counting after I hit 200 (but I have two businesses so hopefully it’s not that many for everyone). I know it’s all for our own safety and security…

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9 Tricks to Help You Manage Your Finances for the First Time After 60

By Debra Englander March 03, 2021

The days of one spouse taking charge of the family finances are long gone, right? I wish that was the case. Over the years, I’ve edited a number of books aimed at helping women master the basics of personal finance and investing…

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How to Safely Store Your Personal and Financial Information as an Older Adult

By Rita Call January 25, 2021

As I discussed in a previous article, having your personal and financial information readily available for your executor or loved one at the time of your death or incapacitation is one of the most thoughtful things you can do…

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It Happens to All of Us, But Most of Us Don’t Plan for It

By Marie Burns January 20, 2021

What are the odds of getting hit by a bus? 1 in 495,000. Not happening to me, right? But what are the odds that you’re going to die someday? Exactly. I always say this topic is about WHEN not IF something happens and you are no longer…

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Sharing Your Secrets Could Save You Time, Money and More!

By Suzanne Mulligan-Born January 15, 2021

Several years ago, my husband and I visited an old friend who had not been well. We were shocked to see that his health had deteriorated quite quickly with cancer, heart disease, and early onset Alzheimer’s – all at the age of 60…

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Love Is Eternal, but Life Isn’t! Facing the Chance of Becoming a Widow

By Kathleen M. Rehl October 12, 2020

Soon after my book was published, I attended a community luncheon. Several couples were seated at my table, and we introduced ourselves. After watching me for a few minutes, one wife suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, I saw your picture in Sunday’s…

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