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Suzanne Mulligan-Born is the Founder of Healthy Active Seniors – a site for seniors who want to get better with age! As a writer for over 25 years, Suzanne uses her personal experience and research skills to reveal the 3 keys to long-term health and independence.

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4 weeks ago

I Feel Sad and Blue – Should I Be Worried?

Everyone experiences feelings of sadness and being overwhelmed at times. And let’s not forget about the healthy response called anger! But I wondered about the whole spectrum of normal reactions to what life throws at us over a life time…

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8 months ago

3 Reasons Independence in Retirement Takes More Than Just Money

Financial independence is everyone’s goal as they approach retirement. But if you’re financially secure, is that enough to ensure you can enjoy your golden years? Sadly, very few of us consider what action we have to consciously take to ensure the vision for our…

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1 year ago

Sharing Your Secrets Could Save You Time, Money and More!

Several years ago, my husband and I visited an old friend who had not been well. We were shocked to see that his health had deteriorated quite quickly with cancer, heart disease, and early onset Alzheimer’s – all at the age of 60…

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2 years ago

Dealing with Depression Doesn’t Mean You’re Crazy

My mother did NOT age well! And one of the areas that created a lot of havoc in her life was her mental health. She became consumed by a total loss of enjoyment in everything around her. Over the years, I have been able to identify with that feeling…

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2 years ago

6 Lessons My Mother Taught Me About (Not) Aging Well

Sometimes we learn what to do from someone who did it all wrong. I found myself realizing I learned a lot from my mother after she turned 60 – but sadly, the lessons are not ones I want to repeat. My mother was the same age as I am now…

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3 years ago

5 Actions to Improve Your Heart Health – It’s a Matter of Life or Death

Almost a million Americans – 920,000 to be exact – will have a heart attack in the next year. Worse, not all of them will have had any warning signs. Obviously, everyone’s health situation is different but I hope that the following…

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