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Aging with Style: Are You a Different 60 Than Your Mom Was?

By Doreen Dove March 01, 2017 Beauty

Granted, times, opportunities, healthcare and attitudes are different from when our mothers were in their 60s, resulting in a currently “smarter” generation when it comes to information access.

However, we need to make sure we are using what we now have available to boost our health, wealth, relationships, overall happiness and even our self-confidence.

I often ask my clients if they have a “brand.” The answer of course is yes, but here’s the follow up question – are they managing their brand?

The same tactic applies here. Yes, we now have access to endless options to make us a better version of 60, but are we managing those options to our advantage?

Managing Our Opportunities

For example, do you schedule all your check-ups in a timely manner, or do you wait for symptoms to make the call? Do you know you should exercise more, but use your busy schedule as an excuse? Do you download yoga tutorials but never engage with them?

Do you buy healthy recipe books and leave them on the shelf? Or subscribe to style magazines but never apply any of the tips?

Do you talk about starting a new hobby, or do you take the steps to starting a new hobby? Do you search out ways to meet new friends or stay at home and say you have nothing to do?

Part of the difference between our generation and our moms’ is that we currently have more opportunities and have also been encouraged to use our voice to engage and excel. Engagement keeps us young, keeps us active and keeps us healthy. Learning is stimulating and doing is exciting.

Engaging in an Active Approach

I was recently approached by a group of 60-somethings who asked if I could host a workshop for ladies who are retired, but remain active and engaged; who want to look sassy, not frumpy! They told me that just because they have retired their dress codes, doesn’t mean they want to move about the globe in leisure suits!

So, as a result, I have added Smart Casual Dressing workshops to my list of workshops, which already included Dressing for Casual Friday, Executive Image Styling and Stepping into Spring.

Ladies, this is learning, engaging and networking. I recommend you check within your local communities for events such as this. Check with your neighborhood clothing stores, malls, church groups, community education departments, senior centers, personal stylists, salons, hairdressers, etc.

If you don’t find anyone hosting these events, then be the one who gets the ball rolling. Call up a local shop and tell them you have a group of sassy ladies who are interested in bumping up their style. No doubt they will host something in their store or possibly at a local restaurant or country club for you. Trust me, they want your business; they want to welcome you into their shops; they want to hear your opinions.

Taking Charge in Style

There are so many things you can learn about looking amazing after 60. After all, we have changed and what worked for us at 30 may not work for us now. What hairstyles and colors might suit you after pigment changes? What clothing styles can flatter your changing figure, your budget and your lifestyle? Where you should shop, what price you should pay and how to pack for a travelling vacation are all skills we can master.

Trust me ladies, there is a lot to learn and there are stylists out there that can help you. You just need to use your voice, rally the troops and decide to take action. No doubt as a teen you shopped with a sister or a girlfriend – try it out now. Call the store ahead of time and tell them you are coming with a small group and I am sure they will take good care of you when you arrive, maybe they will even pour you a glass of cheer!

Make 2017 the year that you use all the things within your reach. I know that I personally try to take advantage of all the opportunities that have come my way, especially when it comes to my health, because what Mom always said rang true – your health is everything. But seriously gals, let’s look good while staying healthy!

As a bonus for the sassy and sophisticated Sixty and Me readers who are too far from me to attend my workshops, I have created a discount code for my printed version of Confidence Is Always In Style, a sassy guide for taking strategic control of your image.

Click the link here and enter discount code SIXTY to receive the printed version for 10 USD plus shipping. Printed versions only ship with the US, but for those of you outside the US, the download version is available here.

Remember – there’s no one like Mom (that includes you) and confidence is always in style!

In what ways do you think that you are different than your mom at your age? Do you feel confident when it comes to defining your personal style in your 60s? How has your style evolved and what now works best for you? Please join the conversation.

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Doreen Dove is an award-winning expert in the field of Image Consulting who coaches women to use style as a tool to take strategic control of their image and fully engage in the possibilities of their future. In addition to her one-on-one work with individual clients, Doreen conducts workshops and seminars for corporate groups and speaks at conferences across the country. Visit Doreen at Her book, "Confidence is Always in Style", provides in depth expertise to help women identify and express their most authentic image with humor and clever insight. Get the book here:

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