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Amazing, Affordable Getaways: 5 Places Where a Month-Long Escape Costs $1,500 (FREE Report!)

By Sixty and Me May 18, 2019 Lifestyle

Low costs… great weather… and excellent, affordable healthcare. There are lots of benefits to giving overseas living a try.

But what if you haven’t decided yet which overseas retirement haven you prefer? Or what if you don’t even know yet if this go-abroad strategy is for you?

Test the Waters Before Retiring Overseas

The great news is that retiring overseas doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing game. You don’t have to move to a new country forever. With fights around the world becoming more frequent (and cheaper), testing the waters for your overseas retirement is now easier than ever.

The kicker? You can test-drive overseas living (for a month…or three…or six) for less than it costs you to live at home: As little as $1,500 a month for a couple, all in.

In this report, we’ve pinpointed the five best places for you to test-drive your retirement overseas. From beach towns to idyllic lake-side retreats… from close-knit mountain communities to metropolises bustling with culture… we’ve got them all covered here.

You can get your copy free right here.

These places all share one thing in common: They’re easy. Easy for you to call home—for however long you want. In all five, you’ll find affordable short-term rentals (as little as $500 a month).

Each of these havens has an established expat presence. So not only will it be easy for you to meet and make friends, but you’ll have no problem finding fellow English-speakers.

We’ve selected places where the climate is great (think 60s F all the way up to the 90s F) throughout the year. Places where you can enjoy rounds of golf, take your boat out on the lake, hike through cloud forests, or stroll on the sparkling sands of a tropical beach.

Excellent healthcare, if not in the town or city itself, is (at most) 90 minutes away by car—and always more affordable than the U.S. No need to worry about insurance; if you have to pay the doctor a visit, you can just pay out of pocket while you’re there.

You can get your copy free right here.

Paradise is Closer Than You Think!

All these places are a breeze to get to from the States or Canada. Some have their own airports, and the others are easily reached by low-cost public transport on new, paved roads. Plus, all these countries allow you to stay for at least 90 days on a tourist visa, giving you lots of time to soak up all they have to offer.

Get your copy free here and find out more about these five affordable getaways where you can give life overseas a try.

Have you ever thought about retiring abroad? What are the main reasons that this lifestyle is appealing to you? What would prevent you from moving to another country in retirement? Let’s have a chat!

Jennifer Stevens is the Executive Editor of International Living, a publication that has—since 1979—been showing folks like you how to retire earlier, better, and more affordably abroad. You don’t have to be well-heeled to travel and live like you are… you simply need to know the shortcuts.

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