Back in our day, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys were at the top of the charts. Then, when our kids were growing up, music was all about Madonna, Michael Jackson and Bananarama were all the rave!

Now, as our grandkids start to get the an age that they are into music, the scene is completely different. Oh, people still listen to many of the same artists that we enjoyed… but, a new generation of pop icons has taken the torch boldly into the future.

Just for fun, let’s see how many of today’s hottest music stars you know. Who knows, maybe you can impress your kids and grandkids the next time everyone gets together for dinner!

Can you name these Millennial icons? Let’s find out!

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What were your favorite musicians when you were growing up? How many of the Millennial music icons in this quiz were you able to identify? Let’s have a chat!

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