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At 65, Liam Neeson Says He Still Feels 40… How Old Do You Feel Inside?

By Sixty and Me February 12, 2018 Mindset

One of the funny things about getting older is that you always feel younger on the inside. In my case, I sometimes feel like a 25-year-old in a 70-year-old’s body. How about you?

In any case, today, I read an interview with one of my favorite stars, Liam Neeson that made me think about how old I really feel. In the interview, he said:

“It’s an Irish thing… Sort of seeing the glass half empty instead of half full. But inside I feel 40. But I sometimes think, ‘Who are you fooling? Who are you kidding?’ I’ve got to stop that. Life’s good! I’m very lucky and very blessed.”

Do the People Around Us Influence How Old We Feel?

Reading Liam’s comments made me wonder whether the people around us influence how old we feel on the inside.

Think about it…

Liam Neeson is in amazing shape for someone his age. He has every advantage in life. He can get spa treatments, partake in plastic surgery (I have no idea whether he has had any) and spend as much time at the gym as he wants.

In addition, according to the women in our community, he is one of the sexiest men over 60.

So, how is it that, while Liam feels 40 on the inside, most of the women I know, who are in their 60s, feel 20-30 on the inside?

Then, it hit me. While it is true that Liam is, objectively, a young 65, he is surrounded by younger people who are always reminding him how old he really is. In addition, as an older celebrity, he is under constant pressure to look younger.

Take a look at the trailer for his latest film, The Commuter, and you’ll see what I mean. On a side note, it looks like a fascinating movie and I can’t wait to check it out!


I wonder if the reverse is true. Are those of us to spend our 60s around people older than us – perhaps looking after older relatives – more likely to feel younger? I’m very curious.

How Old Do You Feel on the Inside?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, when I concentrate and try to connect with my inner-self, I feel about 25. Perhaps this is the age when I finally started to feel comfortable in my own skin. I have no idea.

But, regardless, I think that it would be fascinating to find out how old the women in our community feel. Let’s have a chat and find out!

How old do you feel on the inside? Why do you think you feel this age? Do you think that the people around us make us feel older or younger? Are you a fan of Liam Neeson? Let’s have a conversation!

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