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At 95, World’s Oldest Hockey Player Has Young Firefighters Quaking in Their Skates!

By Sixty and Me March 04, 2018 News

There’s no denying that ice-hockey can be a tough sport. It’s not something that you would recommend to everyone. It’s definitely not a sport that you would recommend to your 95-year-old dad.

Well, after hearing Mark Sertich’s story, you might just want to think twice about what is possible. At 95, not only is Mark the oldest known hockey player in the world, but, he routinely goes toe-to-toe with ice-skating firefighters half his age!

Let’s take a quick look at Mark’s video story. Then, let’s have a conversation.


Mark started playing ice-hockey at a young age. In his words:

“Oh, my goodness. I played, I guess you might say, forever… Probably 1931 is when I started (and) I’m still playing hockey three times a week.”

After 85-years on the ice, Mark still plays hockey three times a week at his local ice-rink. He says that the people he plays with are mostly firefighters, some retired and some very much at the peak of their careers.

Mark Sertich Still Works Out Hard to Stay in Shape

As women in our 50s, 60s and 70s, we know how hard it can be to get motivated to work out. One of the things that inspires me most about Mark is his dedication to staying fit and aging well.

In addition to his time on the ice, Mark works out every morning. He never wants to let his body give up on him… so, he doesn’t give up on his body.

Here’s what he said about his morning workout:

“I get up at 6 in the morning. I do my push-ups, sit-ups and a few other things that loosen me up… and I’m ready to go.”

His dedication is something that we call all admire!

He Has a Wonderful Perspective on Aging

I always say that aging well requires us to have a sense of humor. You can either complain about all of the little inconveniences that life throws your way. Or, you can laugh at them.

Mark is clearly a big believer in this type of thinking and routinely jokes about his age.

As he said in his interview:

“I think about my age once in a while. I say to myself, ‘You’re only 59. You’re not 95.’ I just turn the numbers around to make myself feel better.”

After his time on the ice, it was so wonderful to see Mark hanging out with his fellow hockey players. You could see that there was absolutely no condescension – no strangeness – in their interactions with each other.

They are just a good group of lads who believe that age has nothing to do with friendship… or hockey for that matter!

What are your dreams for the next 10-20 years? What did you think of Mark Sertich’s story, who, at 95 is the world’s oldest hockey player? Let’s have a chat!

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