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Amy Temperley is a life coach and consultant who focuses on helping 60+ adults find their passion and live the life they desire. Amy is co-owner of Aging is Cool, a business focused on active aging and helping people continue to live, laugh and learn. Her website is called Aging is Cool

Latest Posts By Amy Temperley

10 months ago

Are You Practically Perfect in Every Way?

I am not perfect, and that is perfectly okay. My mother often jokes about being like Mary Poppins, “practically perfect in every way.” She might be (love you, Mom). I, however, am not. I find myself beating my head against the wall of perfection…

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2 years ago

How Being a Curious Explorer Can Help You Thrive in Life After 60

A recent life crisis brought me to a point where I was second-guessing my whole existence. I wanted to live my life authentically in a way that reflected my true self. I began to be curious about the true “me” and what I really wanted…

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7 years ago

The Art of Making Lemonade from Lemons During Challenging Times

The past five years have been tough ones. My husband and I each lost a parent. We had three dogs die. I had two back surgeries and a neck surgery (one each year for three years in a row!) My dream job turned out to not be so dreamy. Believe it or not, this is not how we had it all planned! Read More

7 years ago

Don’t Jinx It – Stop Waiting for Something Bad to Happen

I have a good life – a great life, really. I experience the normal ups and downs, but in general, I am happy and healthy. My husband and I have had some great changes in our lives lately, and even my family and friends seem to be in good places. Thank goodness! Read More

7 years ago

How to Manage Stress at Any Age: Keep Calm and Carry On!

A few years ago, we adopted a sweet Australian Shepherd puppy and named him London. London was a joy most of the time but sometimes he was a complete terror. We worked hard to train him, but from time to time, I found myself yelling. “London, come here!” “London, leave your sister alone!” “London don’t eat that!” Read More