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Barbara Floersch has published hundreds of articles on grant proposal writing and also publishes general interest articles and essays. She authored the book Grantsmanship: Program Planning & Proposal Writing and is a national trainer. Barbara is passionate about the role of communication in community-building. She can be reached at

Latest Posts By Barbara Floersch

1 year ago

How We Survive When the Sky Falls Depends on Our Character

Those of us 60 years and older live with the sobering knowledge that sometimes the sky really does fall. There are plenty of Chicken Littles running around, frantic about a crisis at work or a broken automobile, but let’s be clear…

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5 years ago

Redesigning Holiday Traditions to Fit Your Life Now

Once upon a time, in a log cabin far, far away, snuggled into 15 pristine acres of Vermont, I used to host Thanksgiving events fit for a Hallmark snow globe… It smells of cinnamon and mulled wine…

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