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Barbara Waxman is a gerontologist, leadership coach, speaker and author whose insights are illuminating a crucial stage in our personal and professional lives – Middlescence. On her Facebook page and website, Barbara inspires clients and audiences with insights and practical ideas they can put to work for themselves, their families, workplaces and the world.

Latest Posts By Barbara Waxman

7 months ago

Celebrating Midlife from the Top of (Not Over!) the Hill

You probably don’t know it, but if you are between the ages of about 45 and 65, you’re living atop the proverbial hill. You are better at navigating life’s ups and downs, plus you know who and what you really care about – family, friends, health…

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3 years ago

You Don’t Need a Facelift – But, Your Concept of Midlife Certainly Does!

Once we pass 45 or 50, it often feels like the beginning of a slippery slope towards decline. Birthday cards telegraph that the best part of life is behind you. Anti-aging products are targeted at you. Articles point out how out of touch you’ve become…

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7 years ago

3 Simple Steps to Consciously Curating Your Life After 60

When was the last time you took inventory of your life? The last time you found a moment in your busy schedule to ask yourself, why is my schedule so busy? Read More

7 years ago

These 3 Books About Midlife Have Arrived Just in Time for the Holidays

Increased longevity has created a new life stage in the middle of our lives – not at the end – and I call it Middlescence. Think of it as a second adolescence, but with wisdom, resources and the beauty of not caring so much about what the world thinks! Read More