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Campbell Keenan is a retired electrical engineer. His blog,, is about future technology. He writes for older people as most are unaware how quickly technology, particularly AI (Artificial Intelligence) is changing and we must all adjust. He writes also about why physical and mental health is so important as we age.

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7 months ago

The Khan Academy: Can It Revolutionize Your Grandkids’ Schooling?

Have you heard of the Khan Academy? In 2004, Salman Khan began tutoring his younger cousin, Nadia, in maths over the Internet, then other cousins. Such was the interest from YouTube watchers, he quit his job as a hedge fund analyst to start the not-for-profit Khan Academy full time. Salman “Sal” Khan, aged 46, son […]

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8 months ago

What Is Happiness Based On? The Results of a Lifelong Study

If you read the book, The Good Life, you will be amazed at the conclusion of an 85-year study by Harvard University. It simply states this: talk to people! The study began in 1938, chauvinistically involving a large group of Harvard educated men and young Boston boys from disadvantaged families.  It grew to include their children, […]

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10 months ago

It’s Simple to Be Healthy in Old Age

This blog is about my experiences and practices because this is what I know. I feel happy, positive and vibrant at 89. Do you feel the same at your age? There are 4 things that contribute to optimum health as we age. These are diet (40%), physical activity…

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