Carolyn Frick is a mother, grandmother, writer, blogger, and artist. Currently traveling around the world, Carolyn is also the co-founder of the YouTube travel channel “Over the Hill and Far Away”. As an over 60 traveler, Carolyn hopes to change perceptions of aging and inspire others to realize their travel dreams.

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4 weeks ago

Using Your Phone to Make Travel Easier

Whether traveling close to home, or overseas, apps for your cell phone can make your travel experience so much easier. Learning to get the most out of our phones has taken a lot of guess work and worry out of our travels…

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1 month ago

How Can You Possibly Afford to Travel Full Time?

As full-time travelers, my husband and I get asked this question all the time, “How do you afford it?” Simple answer, we do it on a budget. When we decided that we wanted to travel around the world, at our own pace, whether this would take two years…

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2 months ago

Yes, You Can Realize Your Travel Dreams at Any Age!

It seems that everybody has a bucket list these days, and for many of us that list includes travel. Even though my husband and I have been traveling together for over 20 years, our bucket list of places we want to go keeps getting longer…

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