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George Hannan is enjoying retired life in northern Portugal with his partner Tania. They prioritise healthy, active lives mainly through hiking and cycling in the beautiful Portuguese countryside. George is a keen reader. He also enjoys writing and blogging about health, activity and lifestyle, relating to people in their mature years.

Latest Posts By George Hannan

3 weeks ago

Reputation: Looking After One of Our Most Valuable Assets

When we met up for our regular walk, coffee and pastry, it seemed my friend Doug wasn’t his usual relaxed, nonchalant self. So I asked how it felt to be back in his top-to-bottom newly-refurbished apartment. All along, while the major renovations…

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3 months ago

Plan an Adventure to Look Forward to

A month or so into winter now. Short days, lots of rain, sometimes heavy. And quite a few cold, grey days. It’s not all miserable and depressing though, as we have the wild Atlantic on our doorstep, with kilometers of coastal boardwalks for exercise and fresh sea air…

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4 months ago

Let’s Open the Discussion of Tandem Bicycles

I’m a member of a great online group for cyclists aged 70+. They are inspirational. A few days ago another member, Szifra Birke, posted a wonderful Presidential Archive photo of President Jimmy Carter and his late wife Rosalynn enjoying a tandem bicycle…

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6 months ago

How to Make the Winter Days More Bearable

The warm sunny months of summer have taken their leave now for another year. Summer holidays have gone for those of us living in the northern hemisphere. We face a longish spell before the buzz of expectation for the next holidays…

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7 months ago

First Impressions – How Important Are They for You?

‘First Impressions’ is a hot topic if Google Search or the number of results on is anything to go by. The information online and in books, as we would expect, is aimed largely at those under the spotlight, those who feel the need to make a good…

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9 months ago

Have You Considered Retiring to a New Country?

Here’s a question. Say you are one of a couple, or just yourself if unattached, and you expect to work for maybe 10 more years, and then retire. If someone asked you to describe in a few sentences what you expected life to be like about 15 years…

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9 months ago

5 Ideas to Beat Anxiety and Feel Calmer

Stress and anxiety need no invitation to hassle us and invade our day-to-day lives. Very few of us are immune. If we are fortunate enough that the underlying causes are less serious, it would usually be a great help if we could do something…

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10 months ago

7 Ideas for Enjoying Life Together After Retirement

It all happened so quickly, where did the years go? But here we are, the first few years into retirement already. So much to be thankful for. Anyway, it’s the road ahead that matters. And so, setting out to look at some of the ways we go about making…

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