Hanna Morrell is a holistic, trauma-informed financial coach who helps people trust themselves with their money. Her adaptive curriculum respects that every decision we make is either directly or indirectly a financial decision. Hanna delights in teaching her clients how they can build and customize their own money systems.

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2 weeks ago

Spending Less on Holidays Without Feeling Restricted

Well, it’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking about holiday shopping. Sure, every year we tell ourselves we’re going to spend less, but we end up spending more, or worse, having no idea how much we spent!

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1 month ago

What’s at the Roots of Financial Divorce Recovery?

Five years post-divorce, 25% of people say they feel recovered from the emotional impact of divorce, vs 35% who say they are still not recovered from the financial impact. Even after five years, so many of us are not financially resilient after divorce…

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