Joan Senio is the founder of KindCompassCoach. She is an entrepreneur, author and consultant. Joan is passionate about the study of positive psychology and is an active personal development mentor and coach to women of all ages. Joan can be contacted at

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20 hours ago

Anxiety in Women Over 60: Spot It and Conquer It Today!

Mental health issues are not uncommon as we age, and anxiety can be among the most common challenges to well-being we face as women over 60. Anxiety may occur in isolation or in conjunction with depression and cognitive decline…

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1 month ago

7 Thought Provoking Topics About Retirement: How to Know if It’s Time to Transition from Work to Vocation

Retirement marks a significant milestone in our lives – the transition from a long-standing career (whether it be at home or in the office) to an entirely new era filled with possibility. It’s a time to reflect on accomplishments…

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