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Joy Harmon is a writer and former theatrical costumer currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She proudly serves as a board member at the Gate Theater, Chiang Mai's first English language community theater. Please connect with Joy on her website and check out her first novel, Woman on the Road

Latest Posts By Joy Harmon

2 months ago

How Solo Road Trips Can Be Fun at Any Age

Are you a Baby Boomer who still enjoys driving? Many people do continue driving into their senior years. It makes so many things more convenient if you drive rather than take another mode of transportation…

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5 months ago

The Freedom of Independent Living After 60

The independent living lifestyle can feel unsettling if one is new to it. On the other hand, it can be an exciting new life phase. Whether you are new or are already swimming the deep waters, you do have freedom that is not achievable if you have dependent children…

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1 year ago

8 Ways to Enjoy a Long Layover While Traveling in Your 60s

How many times have you experienced delayed flights/trains when traveling as a mature woman? Did you feel exhausted? Worn out? Would you say you’re ready to give up travel because of that?

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2 years ago

3 Sneaky Tips for Finding Hidden Gems When Traveling After 60

We all have our favorite things to do when we travel, whether for a vacation or a longer stay. The first thing I do in a new city is hit the art museums. We all want to see famous sites and attend popular entertainment events…

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4 years ago

8 Ways to Be In-The-Know and In-Control During Difficult Situations in Your 60s

We are women who want to lead happy and productive lives. That includes being positive, strong and powerful. We all know knowledge is power. Yet it can sometimes feel overwhelming to keep up in today’s fast-moving world. Read More

5 years ago

How to Change Your Life After 60

So many of us are faced with life changing decisions at a time when we thought our lives would be secure, even boring. It can be a daunting task to make a major life decision that you hadn’t planned. Here are some suggestions that will make that process a little easier. Read More

6 years ago

How to Adjust Your Personal Fashion Style When Travelling or Moving to a New Country

Moving to a new country can have a big impact on our personal fashion style. Adapting may be more or less of a challenge, depending on how different the new culture is from your own. Read More