Judy Barber is an author, presenter, coach and workshop leader. She loves sharing experience and expertise, and joining dots between natural wellness, personal development, person-centered spirituality, ecological awareness and incredibly good plant-based food. Judy nourishes potential and creativity and inspires positive change.

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2 months ago

6 Tips for Looking and Feeling Pretty Da** Good After 60

As I begin to write, I have just lifted my eyes from the inspiring kind of fashion magazine that has gorgeous leggy young women in good lighting, with expert makeup and wearing fabulous clothes with mortgage repayment price tags. Inspiring?

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1 year ago

5 Things to Do to Make the Most of Your Life After 60

There is so much to explore about this phase of life and what you still can do. What have you done so far with your life? What are your circumstances, dreams and wishes? Here are five things to do to make the most of your life after 60…

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2 years ago

3 Positive Ways to Prepare for Your Older Self

When my father was in his mid-80s, I remember him saying that when he was 75 he had to let go of thinking he was 40. He lived for another 10 years after saying that! Interesting – a mixture of a positive mindset and some realism. I do much to support my life now…

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3 years ago

Enjoy the Merits of Turmeric for a High Quality of Life After 60

As a Heath Educator in Plant Based Nutrition, I am interested (some would say obsessed) in using helpful spices and herbs in culinary quantities. These are familiar kitchen ingredients that we use for delicious tastes, but they also…

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