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Julie Dargan (RN, ND, BHSc) has experience assisting women going through hormonal changes and want to live each day with confidence and enthusiasm.

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5 years ago

6 Things to Change If You Want to Lose Weight After 60

The time for excuses is over. In this article I will discuss the 6 top mind sets you have to overcome if it is weight loss you are looking for. And not just weight loss, but sustained weight loss.

Vision, goal and take action, that is my motto. Read More

6 years ago

3 Simple Techniques to Use When You Are Feeling Stressed

Each of us experiences stress differently, so what you may find stressful may not affect the person next to you.

I recently wrote an article exploring the different ways stress can be generated in our life. Today, I am going to define stress and explain how it affects the body and how you can destress your life by engaging some simple techniques. Read More

7 years ago

What if Losing Weight During Menopause Meant Losing Your Husband?

What would you do if your efforts to feel positive were sabotaged by your husband? What if you had to choose between losing weight during menopause and losing the most important man in your life? Imagine the following situation… Read More

8 years ago

Menopause: Easing the Next Step in Life’s Journey

Menopause is a natural stage of life, albeit sometimes one that shocks women when they reach it.

This can be due to the fact that menopause is rarely discussed and we tend to forget it exists until it actually affects us. Also, many women think that they are still too young to be entering the menopause phase, when in reality they are not. Read More

8 years ago

Menopause Weight Gain: 4 Tips to Halt the Dreaded Middle-Age Spread

In people’s younger years, they may have been coasting along, looking after themselves and maintaining a healthy body weight. Then they turned 50. All of a sudden, they find fat is being added to their body parts they never had to worry about before. Read More

8 years ago

How to Lose Weight After Menopause by Making Simple Changes to Your Diet

Belly fat!

No dictionary reference needed here.

Be it belly fat, pot belly, jelly belly or bane in your life fat, belly fat is not fun to have, especially if you eat well and exercise. Read More

8 years ago

6 Tips to Help Ease Vaginal Dryness in the Menopause

Why is it that, for many people, the subject of vaginal dryness in the menopause is considered a taboo topic?

There are a lot of articles on subjects such as “How to Overcome Hot Flushes” but very little information available on the subject of “What Vaginal Changes You May Experience in the Menopause.” Read More