Linda Wattier helps women over 40 embrace wholehearted living for a more authentic, fulfilling experience of midlife and beyond. She’s a women’s bold wellbeing coach and founder of How She Thrives, a free weekly newsletter on how to keep growing brave, strong, and free in the second half of life.

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2 weeks ago

The Curious Path to the Life You Really Want

Something big was afoot. Bored out of my mind and tired of the daily grind, I couldn’t muster up even one ounce of enthusiasm. My work in the corporate world had become meaningless. I knew I had reached a significant turning point…

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2 months ago

Is Being Loyal to Yourself First Selfish?

Were you taught, like I was, that placing your needs before those of others is selfish, unkind, or unloving? Did you learn that being a devoted daughter, partner, mother, wife, or caregiver – while shouldering all the emotional labor…

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