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Linda Wattier helps women over 40 embrace wholehearted living for a more authentic, fulfilling experience of midlife and beyond. She’s a women’s bold wellbeing coach and founder of How She Thrives, a free weekly newsletter on how to keep growing brave, strong, and free in the second half of life.

Latest Posts By Linda Wattier

3 months ago

You Can Reduce Stress and Enhance Purpose in 2024

When did you last think about what you value most in life? Research shows that recognizing and living according to your values creates a richer sense of purpose. Also, it turns out that one of the best ways to significantly reduce stress is to spend…

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4 months ago

3 Enablers of Purposeful Living After 60

As a 60+ woman, you may ask yourself, “What am I doing with my life?” Or, maybe you’re thinking, “I want to feel purposeful, not just fill my time.” Perhaps your sense of purpose was all wrapped up in raising a family and/or your career…

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6 months ago

Stop Wishing and Start Doing: A Vulnerable Guide to Achieving Your Wildest Dreams

Have you ever thought, “I wish I could do that?” Write a novel, start a business or a charity, run a marathon, or live in a foreign country for a year? Have you ever longed to create something beautiful, pursue a calling, or have a difficult but necessary…

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7 months ago

The Curious Path to the Life You Really Want

Something big was afoot. Bored out of my mind and tired of the daily grind, I couldn’t muster up even one ounce of enthusiasm. My work in the corporate world had become meaningless. I knew I had reached a significant turning point…

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8 months ago

Is Being Loyal to Yourself First Selfish?

Were you taught, like I was, that placing your needs before those of others is selfish, unkind, or unloving? Did you learn that being a devoted daughter, partner, mother, wife, or caregiver – while shouldering all the emotional labor…

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