Elizabeth Dunkel is a writer and novelist who recently moved back to the U.S. after living in Merida, Mexico for 25 years. She is the Creative Director of www.campliza.com, her personal blog about stylish, creative and meaningful living. “A thoughtful life is a luxurious life.” Elizabeth is the proud founder of the Merida English Library. As a Cambridge CELTA certified teacher of ESL, she considers herself not just a teacher but a dream maker. “Teaching English empowers people to reach their dreams.”

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3 years ago

How a Single Older Woman Can Meet 150 New People in 3 Hours

Recently, I wrote an article about being single and feeling fabulous about it. The response was enormous and the comments were enlightening! Read More

3 years ago

Loving Life After 60: Are You Living Where Your Soul Feels at Home?

I live in the tropical jungle and dream of cities and cold. A friend lives in an Edwardian, Edinburgh townhouse and dreams of a chic, modern glass dwelling at the beach. Read More

3 years ago

How “Fear-Setting” Can Change Your Life After 60

For the last few years, I’ve been paralyzed by the fears I create in my mind about moving away from a place where I’ve lived for 28 years. Read More

3 years ago

9 Major Tips for Packing and Moving in Your 60s with Grace and Style

Chances are, sometime in your 60s, the moment arrives when you have to, or want to, move out of your long-time home.

Whether you’re downsizing into a smaller, easier space to care for, or charting a new lifestyle in a new place, the word ‘move’ creates dread in every heart. Moving will always be one of the most stressful moments of your life.

Read More

3 years ago

If You Are Feeling Too Old to Travel, Say Hello to Slow Travel

I hadn’t been to Europe in many years, so I spontaneously decided to ‘dash’ across the pond with my carry-on and explore some new cities and countries. It would be just like the days of my youth: me, a carry-on, hopping on and off trains and trams, feeling light and free. Read More

4 years ago

Not So Guilty Pleasures: 3 Life Enhancers to Make You Feel Like a Million Bucks After 60

Who doesn’t love it when they find a pleasure that’s absolutely free? Not only do I know I’ve treated myself to something wonderful, I feel very clever about it, which makes me feel, well, rich. And that is the whole point of my philosophy of living like a millionaire on a retirement budget. Read More

4 years ago

How to Handle the Fear of a Health Emergency While Traveling as an Older Woman

This is the scenario no one wants to imagine. I went on an Alaskan cruise, healthy and fit, and ended up leaving the ship in an ambulance for the emergency room of the local Ketchikan hospital. Read More

4 years ago

8 Surprising Things I Learned During My First Cruise Experience

Why had it taken so long for me to go on a cruise?

The first thing that comes to mind is that for years I was working and raising a family. Saving for college and retirement. Cruises are not inexpensive, so I wasn’t able to take my family on a cruise, nor was I going to go off alone. So for me, timing was largely the issue. And now, the time had come. Read More

4 years ago

10 Things I Learned from Rick and Leo About Creating an Inspiring Retirement

I am now officially retired. Yes, I know, the word retirement is antiquated and ridiculous. I didn’t retire from life. Rather, I stopped working 9-5, five days a week and getting a paycheck. Now I work 10 hours a day writing, researching, reading and blogging – and get no paycheck. Read More

4 years ago

Living Like a Princess on Social Security – Yes, it’s Possible!

I recently read an article in Forbes titled, “Quit your job and live abroad in places so cheap you might not need to work.” I was so fascinated by this that I decided to add up the numbers of my cost of living to see how I fared in the scheme of things. Read More