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Dr. Flett is a keen observer of all things related to aging, and is known for her unique ability to bring humor and clarity to complex and emotionally challenging topics. She passionately shares her 30+ years’ experience as a psychologist in how to age better and age well.

Latest Posts By Mary Flett

4 days ago

From Rush Hour to Rest Hour: Finding Joy in Life’s Pauses

Here I am, waiting for Spring to arrive and Winter to finally release its grip, and I feel like I am stuck in rush hour traffic. I am idling and unable to move forward until others move first, and I have no power or influence to get them going. The folks behind…

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1 month ago

The Power of Zzzs: Navigating the World of Sleep Hygiene for Better Rest

It may come as a surprise to learn, but we still don’t have a good understanding of why we sleep or what actually goes on while we are sleeping. One theory holds that the brain needs to “clean house” and restore itself (recharging)…

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