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Molly Stevens is a nurse by profession and began writing in 2015 at age 61. She lives in Central Maine with her younger husband who is watching for early signs of dementia, and will have her put in a home when she shows an enthusiasm for camping.

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1 year ago

I Have My Own Teeth… and 7 Other Things this Woman Over 60 is Grateful for

Did you know that writing gratitude lists boosts your mood and improves happiness? I sometimes forget this in my day-to-day grumblings about hangnails and hay fever, but today, I’ve dusted off my gratitude list. Firstly, I am grateful for my…

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3 years ago

How Losing a Sibling Changed My Life Forever

If you live to be over 60, loss is inevitable. I anticipated the loss of my parents, knowing the day was looming when they would pass on as part of the natural order of life. What I didn’t prepare for was losing my sister, Linda…

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7 years ago

5 Things Every Woman Over 60 Should Do to Prepare for a Doctor’s Visit

I’ve been on both sides of the exam table, as a patient and as a nurse in a busy internal medicine practice. I’d like to share some tips on how to prepare for a visit with your doctor. Read More

7 years ago

Supporting Each Other After the Loss of a Sibling

Having lost both parents I was no stranger to major loss, but in 2012 when my sister Linda died I knew this parting was unique. I looked for support but found more information about coping with the loss of a pet than how to handle losing an adult sibling…

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