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Nomi Bachar is a human potential expert, healer and coach. She helps people release limitations while empowering them to realize inner strength and achievement. She is the director of White Cedar Institute. For over 26 years, Nomi has been lecturing and conducting life changing workshops. Globally, she trains professionals with her unique, results-driven method, Gates of Power®, which supports well-being in all seven areas of life. Please visit her website here

Latest Posts By Nomi Bachar

2 years ago

Feeling Stressed Out? 6 Ways Mindfulness Can Help

How do problems affect us? We feel continuously rushed and our lifestyles are out of balance. Many of us have a hard time sleeping, breathing or even properly digesting our food. More of us experience serious health conditions such as heart disease…

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7 years ago

10 Surprising Benefits of Turning 60

A week ago, I was asked to participate in a performance project called, “Maiden, Mother, Matriarch.” I was one of the women/performers in the Matriarch group. In preparation for the performance, we had a few heart-to-heart discussions about our experience of being 60. Read More