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Patricia Crisafulli is an award-winning writer and a New York Times Bestselling author. My first novel, The Secrets of Ohnita Harbor, was published in September 2022 by Woodhall Press, now followed by The Secrets of Still Waters Chasm, out now! I'm also a Communications consultant, mother, and running enthusiast.

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13 hours ago

5 Steps to the Most Creative Summer of Your Life

June 1st marks the beginning of meteorological summer, a prelude to the solstice and a promise of endless hours of sunshine ahead. In this season of growth and green, there is no better time to recommit to our creativity. Here are five steps…

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2 months ago

Writer’s Block and Bumps? It’s Time to Reset and Refresh

The flow of images and ideas slowed to a trickle, then to a drip – and I feared they would dry up completely. When this happened to me recently, I blamed the usual suspects: not enough sleep, too much work, plenty of distractions. But even when I slept more…

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3 months ago

The Stories of Our Lives – Capturing Hidden Meaning in Our Memories

I crept to the end of the diving board at the community swimming pool and jumped. My seven-year-old body plunged into water far deeper than I expected. Popping to the surface, I thrashed frantically – I didn’t know how to swim…

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4 months ago

Starting the Year Out Write?… Map It Out!

This is the year, you’ve told yourself, when you finally write that book – or start painting, playing the piano, singing, quilting, sculpting… But as the first month of the year wanes, you wonder what happened to your resolution…

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6 months ago

“Oh, I Could Write a Book…” Well, Maybe You Should!

It’s an expression we’ve all heard and probably have said more than a few times. First comes a long string of annoying circumstances or stubborn challenges, repeated frustrations or just plain foolishness. Then the punchline: “Oh, I could write a book…

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7 months ago

Your Third Grade Teacher Was Wrong – You Are Creative!

Perhaps you have a deep-seated desire to write or create, or maybe you saw something on Pinterest yesterday (it can be a font of inspiration). Whatever the motivation, something has piqued your passion, and you have two choices: ignore it – or go for it…

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