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Patty Grasher, Urban Blogger & Author, helps visitors, newcomers and residents of Vancouver, WA explore fun and exciting things to do in Clark County. She is the author of the popular guidebook, Explore Vancouver USA, as well as creating games, puzzles and other local themed books and games.

Latest Posts By Patty Grasher

3 weeks ago

9 Fun Indoor Adventures to Beat the Winter Doldrums

If you are a bit tired of “Let it snow, let it snow” or “Raindrops keep falling on your head,” it might be time to bring some virtual sunshine into your day. Join me with a steaming cup of coffee or stir a bit of honey into a cup of tea and let’s get started…

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2 months ago

Create a Bucket List of Local Adventures for 2024

There are so many fun things to do right in your hometown that, if you are like me and keep putting them off, they never happen. So, how about creating a “Local Bucket list of Adventures”? Not only will it beat off the local humdrums and send them packing…

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