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Stacey Dehmer retired from a long career in marketing communications when her husband’s job took the family to Bangkok, Thailand. While there, she was an editor and frequent contributor to their expat community’s local newsletter. She loves to write, read, cook, hike, bike and especially spend time with her family.

Latest Posts By Stacey Dehmer

12 months ago

5 Steps to Take Control of Your Medical Costs in Your 60s

I’ve always been fit. Even well into my 50s I felt physically invincible. I could still jump out of bed for a morning run, followed by a strength class and then even possible game of tennis later in the day. Nothing could quell my energy…

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1 year ago

Help! My Husband’s Retired and He’s Driving Me Nuts!

Finally, the day we’ve been working toward arrived. Both of us retired. Ever since I left the workforce 10 years ago, we’ve dreamed of the days when my husband would join me. We imagined leisurely days we could spend together doing…

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2 years ago

Satisfy Your Pasta Cravings Guilt-Free with This Delicious Spaghetti Squash Recipe

I have a love/hate relationship with pasta. I love that it’s so easy to prepare, it’s very versatile, and honestly, I crave carbs. However, I hate what carbs do to my waist and thighs…

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3 years ago

Become an Amateur Mixologist with These Cool Summer Cocktails

The long, warm days of summer will soon arrive. There’s no better way to spend them than sipping your favorite beverage with friends, outdoors. As for me, I always love a refreshing seasonal cocktail. Summertime brings an abundance of fresh fruits…

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