Stephanie Raffelock is a journalist, a blogger and an aspiring novelist. In her Sixty and Me column, she explores aging dynamically, living fully and loving well. You can find her at or Tweet her @Sraffelock.

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3 years ago

4 Qualities That Help You to Embrace Aging

Aging. It’s happening and it’s weird. Some days I am relaxed in the process of it. Other days I am Don Friggin’ Quixote, battling the windmills with Pilates classes, hiking, and an overabundance of green salads and coconut water. Read More

3 years ago

Music for the Ages: The Wheel That Makes Life Transitions Bearable

The music of my youth was more than melody and words. It was a kind of guidance into adult life, a soundtrack for thoughts and feelings that I didn’t know how to reach on my own but were given to me by the likes of Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, and James Taylor. Read More

3 years ago

How to Bounce Back from Failure After 50

I know J.K. Rowling’s story by heart – the young, impoverished single mother who stayed true to her writing dream in the face of a failed marriage and what she saw as a failed career choice. The urgency of her situation turned her desire to write novels into a fierce fidelity, which birthed Harry Potter. Read More

3 years ago

6 Ways We Can Use Random Acts of Kindness to Help Others and Heal Ourselves

There is something about a random act of kindness that feeds us as much as it feeds the recipient.

Remember the movie, “Pay It Forward?” In it a young boy wonders how it would be if he did something nice for three people and asked those three people to do something nice for three more people? Pretty soon thousands of people were doing nice thing for other people by paying it forward. Read More

3 years ago

Accepting Aging: Letting Go of the Younger Self That We’ve Left Behind

A friend of mine is limping into his 60s with a sense of loss. Loss of youth, energy and significance. I understand all of that and believe that most of us go through a passage where we grieve the younger life we’ve left behind. Read More

3 years ago

This Authentic Baker’s Dough Recipe Will Take You Back to Your Childhood

You may remember this Baker’s Dough recipe from when you were a kid because before there was ever Playdough, there was Baker’s Dough. It’s the perfect thing to share over the holidays, especially if you are going to have kids running around. Honestly though, I know that adults love this one, too. Read More

3 years ago

4 Real Qualities That Can Make Us Beautiful in Our Own Aged Eyes

There was no time for a blow dryer. For the past few weeks, my hair has been in braids anyway.

The hours of sorting, packing and otherwise running errands for my upcoming move from Ashland to Austin left me, most days, in desperate need of a hot, soapy shower. My look had definitely morphed to Grandma Clampett, sans the shotgun. Read More

3 years ago

Let’s Explore 3 A’s of Aging Well

Aging well is a lot like a spiritual practice. It requires awareness, discipline and focus to move through the third chapter of life with some grace and a little bit of mischievous disgrace. Read More

3 years ago

How Do You Really Feel About Your Age?

In the summer months, they crowd the waiting area where I get my hair trimmed. They are filled with laughter and secrets and a great deal of joy.

When I see them, I know immediately that they are either bachelorettes out for a day of primping and camaraderie or they’re getting ready for a wedding that’s about to happen. Read More

3 years ago

5 Unexpected Gifts that Come from Being a Lifelong Learner

My college degree was not what I thought it would be. It didn’t prepare me for life. But what it gave me was this: it taught me how to learn. It made me a lifelong student. Read More