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Susanna Barton, a longtime writer in Jacksonville FL, is the founder of the Grand Plans online community, podcast, newsletter and blog. Her book Grand Plans: How to Mitigate Geri-Drama in 20 Easy Steps and its accompanying workbook, the Grand Planner, are available in local stores and on Amazon. For more information visit

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2 weeks ago

No Keys? No problem! Transportation Alternatives When Driving Isn’t an Option

When physical or cognitive impairment hinders your ability to drive, it’s time to start accounting for the myriad transportation options available in your community. You are not shifting gears alone. According to a National Aging and Disability Transportation…

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1 month ago

Purge-fection: 3 Processes, Resources and Reasons for Downsizing or Decluttering

Enjoying life’s second half is more about presence and experience and less about the stuff we’ve stockpiled along the way. With our Golden Years in sight, now is the perfect time to lighten our load, pare back and purge so we can focus on the things that matter…

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2 months ago

7 Ways to Stay Tech-Savvy During the Second Half and Why It Computes

Aging fearlessly in an ever-advancing modern world requires many inputs – a sensible diet, routine physical exercise, medical maintenance and smart financial planning, to name a few. But none of these efforts are successful without a command…

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