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Coach Todd is one of the world’s leading knee pain specialists and injury prevention experts. He is the founder of, a community of people 50 and over that are dedicated to natural pain relief. Coach Todd teaches exercises, stretches, and other techniques to help people get rid of joint pain quickly and naturally.

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2 years ago

4 Essential Knee Exercises to Make Climbing Stairs Easier and Pain-Free

You are standing at the bottom of that dreaded staircase once again. All you want is that maroon blouse from the armoire in the attic. Why would climbing 13 six-inch elevations feel like surmounting Mount Everest…

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3 years ago

Easy 2-Minute Knee Massage to Relieve Pain in the Back of the Knee

Do you suffer from pain in the back of the knee? One of the most common culprits is the popliteus muscle. This small, triangle shaped muscle lives just behind the knee. Every day, it helps stabilize and bend your knee. But what happens…

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