Viktoria Vidali is a published writer, educator, photographer, and poet. Her love of children, music, travel, metaphysics, and the natural world inspire her work, as do vivid memories of her exhilarating 40,000 nautical-mile sailing voyage into the Eastern Pacific. Please contact Viktoria at: or at Poetry For Living (

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3 weeks ago

Let’s Unmask the Retirement Reality

As women over 60, we have had many an occasion to look back on what has brought us to where and who we are now, and at this stage we may be envisioning and planning our next chapter. Some of us continue to work full-time in our respective…

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4 weeks ago

What Does It Mean to Follow Your Bliss?

Follow your bliss has become a popular catchphrase found on a blossoming array of self-care sites and, like the word awesome, is so overused that its original meaning has been obscured. Following your bliss is not the same as personal pursuit of pleasure…

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1 month ago

How Much Protection of Adult Children Is Too Much?

It is universally agreed that parents possess an elemental instinct to protect their children. Even before the moment of birth, and thereafter throughout their lives, children animate this instinct, which over time settles so profoundly in parents that it…

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