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Wendy Richards Edwardson is a late bloomer. She became a college student, travel consultant, blogger, aspiring author, and entrepreneur, all after her 50th birthday. She focuses on intelligent travel, independent thinking, and living a fearless, exciting, and eclectic life. You can visit her website at

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5 years ago

Tips for Choosing a River Cruise

Choosing a river cruise can well be like trying to order a meal. What type of bread, which soup, what dressing, how do you want your steak? Every year more and more boats are on the rivers. Which one suits your appetite and bank account? I guarantee once you read this, you will be calling an expert. Read More

5 years ago

8 Tips for Choosing a Cruise You Will Actually Love!

“I tried cruising once; I don’t think it’s for me.” This is usually said after accompanying a friend on a cruise that you had no say in choosing. Well, here’s the caveat. Those who decide they didn’t enjoy their cruise were most likely on the wrong ship! Read More