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What is Honesty? 6 Ways to Live an Authentic Life After 60

By Kay Arthur July 23, 2020 Mindset

What keeps you awake at night? That loaded question has so much punch to it. So many things can contribute to bad sleep. If all that depends on you is going as it should and you are still having trouble sleeping at night, perhaps it’s time to be really honest with yourself.

A nagging voice that was whispering to you in the past is now shouting. You must pay attention to it. That voice is your soul – that non-visual, hard-to-describe essence that is as much a part of you as the 206 bones and gazillion cells that make up your “being.” It wants you to be honest with yourself.

In order for you to live an authentic life, there are 6 areas that you need to consider prioritizing.

Make Learning a Way of Life

We, as Baby Boomers, are lucky enough to have seen the advancement of technology at an exponential rate over the years. We were raised with the encyclopedia Britannica. In their traditional cream and green colors, they lined up on our family book shelves.

Those famous relics, that our parents were so proud to own, are now contained in the smallest of devices. We have all of that knowledge and more, accessible wherever we go. Take the time to learn. Read, take online classes, challenge your mind to grow. We are never too old and our soul thrives on it.

Enjoy That Peaceful Feeling

Spirituality is a deeply personal thing. But, the one thing that gets me off balance, more than anything. It is when I am not paying attention to my spiritual needs. My need to connect. My need to praise. My need to feel that peaceful feeling that comes with knowing I am in touch with the divine.

I often gaze out over an awesome sunset and marvel at its raw beauty. It’s a connection that I acknowledge as spiritual. This acknowledgement of nature works for me. It impacts me as deeply as someone else might feel sitting in a church or a temple. As I look around in this beautiful world, I find it at every turn. It’s my spiritual gratification.

Are you lacking the peace that comes from spiritual gratification? Go out and search for it – follow your spiritual heart. It will lead you to where you need to be.

Keep Relationships Meaningful

Family, relationships, and love in its various forms are probably the most challenging to feel completely satisfied with. This is because it involves reciprocation from another person. The exchange of feelings. The exchange of love.

Relationships can be with a spouse, partner, parent, child, step-child, grandchild, or any of the members of your family. It is sometimes difficult to keep those relationships meaningful.

The key though, is to give relationships attention. Give them time. Try sincere attempts to make them work. You can call, text, invite, write letters or emails. In the end it can go either way – appreciated or not. But, at least you have made the attempt.

That, in and of itself, is the key to fulfilling your soul. Don’t, at the end of your life, wish that you had made just one more call. Go for it. Do it. Try to keep that relationship alive. Don’t leave it neglected. That inner voice will keep nagging you to make it right.

Embrace the Precious Gift of Friends

Simple question. Are you a good friend?

If not, change that right now. We, as we get older, need our girlfriends! It warms the heart to see their name pop up on our phone. To get an instant message. To plan a date with them – virtual or real-life.

Nurture that friendship. Feed it like you do your body. Nourish your soul with the gift of another soul. This is truly a precious gift that you want to give and receive.

Let’s Get Physical

Get out and move! It makes you feel better. It gives flexibility and strength as we age and helps fight off chronic illnesses. Plus – the added bonus is that you look and feel younger! There’s no excuse. You can do anything from walking to Yoga to hard core strength training. The key is to get your body moving and get physical. Body, mind, and soul will thank you!

To Thy Own Self Be True

Know thyself. In spite of the painful discovery process, figure out what makes you happy – what your purpose in this life is. This journey is the only one that you will take, so you must be brutally honest with your needs and desires.

What is it you love to do? Figure out what that is and make it happen. Your soul cannot be fulfilled unless you are on the path to “being” who you are meant to “be.”

In my blog The Path to “True North”, I describe my personal journey of discovery where my soul has found its “home” in living an authentic life. Find out where your soul thrives!

Take a deep and honest look at these 6 areas of your life and ask yourself the hard questions. Are you doing everything you can in the search for self-fulfillment?

Be your soul’s fierce and faithful protector. It counts on you to be authentic. It will then quiet the voice that keeps you awake at night. It will then be a gracious giver and reward you with a radiance that shows itself in your inner and outer beauty. It is then that you will find peace, joy, and happiness in just “being”.

Are you living the life you’ve always wanted to live? What area are you falling short? Are you taking steps to move in the right direction? What are they? Please share with our sisters!

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The Author

Kay Arthur lives in Arizona, both in Phoenix and in a cabin near Prescott where she loves to write. She has retired from many years in Healthcare Administration and now enjoys exploring her creative side. Kay has developed Moonflower Blooms, a blogging website dedicated to inspiring readers to live an authentic and joyfully simplistic life in search of their true "self".

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