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10 Best Websites to Find Freelance Jobs

By Sandra Roussy September 28, 2021 Lifestyle

Have you recently found yourself out of work? Are you looking for some extra cash to help with monthly expenses? Do you want to stay active and do something that you enjoy while being paid?

Whatever reason brings you to the point of looking for work, you have more options than ever. One of these options that is growing in popularity is freelancing. Long gone are the days of punching in and punching out with an employer and locked down into a contract.

A recent study found that 36% of the 2020 U.S. workforce consisted of freelancers, an increase of 2 million freelancers since 2019. Yes, of course, we need to take into consideration the pandemic which brought people to start working from home, but the trend is rising, and the freelancing market is looking appealing to more and more people – of all ages.

Freelancing is a great way to stay in control of your schedule and time. People turn to freelance work and become their own bosses and control how much or how little they want to work. The 40hr work week is slowly becoming obsolete as people take control of work/life balance.

Are you skilled in a field? Have you worked in an industry for many years and now can use that knowledge to market yourself as a specialized freelancer?

How do you get into freelancing? Do you have what it takes to become a freelancer? Let’s take a look at the best websites to find freelance jobs.

What Is Freelancing

Freelancing does not mean working for free! It means that you are in charge of marketing yourself and your skills, searching for work and contracts, organizing your schedule to meet deadlines, invoicing your clients, and taking care of taxes and other financial obligations.

It also means that you decide how much you want to work, from where you want to work, and also when you want to work. The word free in freelancing means freedom!

Is Freelancing Right for You

Freelancers all come to the same conclusion – you need to be organized, motivated, and focused on success in order to do well in the freelancing world.

Finding work is quite easy as you will see below where we list the best websites to find freelance jobs. The type of work that you do will determine if you need to invest in equipment or not and if you need to dedicate an area of your home to do your work.

Freelancing may be a good option for you if you organize your time well, are not easily distracted, and can market yourself successfully.

Types of Freelancing Jobs

  • Personal Assistant
  • Graphic Artist/Illustrator
  • Writer/Copywriter
  • Editor/Proofreader
  • Translator
  • Photographer
  • Data Entry
  • Teacher/Coach
  • Call Center Agent
  • Web Designer/IT
  • Accounting
  • And many more…

Best Freelance Websites

Let’s take a look at the best website to find freelance work.



Upwork is a well-established online platform that joins freelancers with clients in a variety of industries. As a writer, I have personally used Upwork for several years and landed excellent contracts.

The website has a lengthy selection process that weeds out the incompetent and scam profiles. It also has an escrow feature and payment protection program in place to protect both the freelancer and the client.

As a freelancer, you set up a profile and market your skills. Use the search option to narrow down the appropriate jobs in your field that are a fit for your skills. As you gain experience and good reviews on Upwork you can eventually get clients sending you invitations to interview for their projects.

Upwork takes a percentage of every job you successfully complete.



Fiverr has a unique interface where the freelancers post their gigs and fees that clients go through to select the best candidates for their projects. On Fiverr you are basically a seller, selling your skills and jobs to buyers.

When a buyer purchases your gig, the website automatically takes the funds and holds onto the payment until the job is completed and submitted.

The website’s name comes from the fact that many buyers can purchase small jobs that start at $5.



LinkedIn is not a freelancing job website like the others mentioned in this article. It is a social networking platform that is similar to Facebook and Twitter where you gain followers and follow other people in your field of work.

LinkedIn lets you create a profile where you can post your resume with education and work experience. There is a job section where you can browse available jobs and apply.

The website also offers a learning platform where you can enroll in online courses to brush up on existing skills or learn new ones.



ProBlogger mostly specializes in job offers that are linked to the world of writing. This website is an excellent resource if you are a writer, copywriter, content writer, or editor.

The jobs section offers daily, updated job offers that you can apply for. It’s free to use and apply for jobs on ProBlogger, and the website doesn’t take any of your earnings. It also doesn’t have a payment protection plan as you deal directly with the clients and negotiate payments options.



Guru is another excellent website that brings freelancers and employers together. As a freelancer, you browse jobs and apply for the ones that are a good fit for you.

The website is free to use, but membership with a fee allows you to access more options and better freelancing opportunities. The website has a secured payment feature that assures you get your funds.



Flexjobs is a well-known website for freelancers looking for one-off jobs but also part-time and full-time remote jobs. The website screens all potential employers and makes sure that freelancers are paid.

The website offers a few subscription options, starting at $6.95/week. With your subscription, you have access to job listings, career advice, and also skills testing.



TopTal specializes in matching employers with qualified and experienced freelancers. This is a great website for you if you have a higher education diploma and are highly specialized in your field.

The application procedure involves a 5-step screening and testing process, including an English assessment test and a project evaluation. Needless to say, not all freelancers are accepted onto the platform.


simply hired

SimplyHired is a website that collects freelancer jobs from all over the world into one place. It’s free for freelancers to use the website, but membership will give you access to resources like help building your resume and salary estimations.

Freelancers don’t create a profile on SimplyHired, they browse the job listings and contact the employers directly. is a platform that mostly specializes in graphic and visual arts. You create your portfolio, upload your info, and some of your work where companies can browse and choose the best fits for their projects.

On you can also participate in contests and earn some money as well.

People Per Hour

people per hour

People per hour is another established freelance website that connects freelancers with employers. The website boasts jobs in a multitude of industries. It is free to access but they charge a percentage on each job. This percentage reduces as the freelancer gets more jobs.

Tips and Tricks to Find Freelance Jobs

It’s a competitive world out there! Freelancers abound, and you need to stand out and look professional to land the best jobs.

Portrait Photo

A clear and professional headshot will get you noticed better. Don’t use selfies that you took on vacation or photos that include other people in your profile photos.

Hire a professional photographer if you can afford it or ask a friend to set up a photo shoot. An authentic smile and confident posture will get you noticed and landing the best jobs!

Professional Language

Always be professional when filling out your profiles on freelance websites. The same goes when communicating with potential clients.

Know Your Worth

It’s a good idea to do some research about going salaries in your field of work. You can either charge by project or by the hour. These decisions are individual negotiations between freelancer and employer.

Don’t underestimate yourself! Remember, you have to personally pay for taxes, insurance, and healthcare. Your rates should reflect this.

Time trackers, like Hubstaff, installed on your computer are now easily accessible to track time with each client.

Be Organized

Stay organized with easy-to-use online tools like Trello. You can keep all your projects and deadlines in one place and also share them with your clients or project collaborators.

Payment Options

Freelancer websites offer different payment options. It’s important to look into what their methods of transferring payments are to make sure that you can easily set up your account to receive your payments.

The most popular methods offered are PayPal and wire transfers.

Have you done freelancing work? Are you thinking of starting to freelance? Which freelance jobs websites on our list do you feel are best for you?

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