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Bruce Willis and Demi Moore Reunite to Celebrate Daughter’s 30th Birthday, Show That Divorce is Not Always the End

By Sixty and Me August 20, 2018 News

Divorce is hard. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married or what the circumstances of your marriage were, getting divorced is a generally unpleasant experience. Not to mention the difficulty of learning how to navigate co-parenting or co-existing in various situations with your ex post-divorce!

Now imagine doing all of that with the whole world watching as so many celebrity couples do.

We are all too familiar with the horror stories of celebrity divorces being plastered all over the media, which is why recent coverage of long-time exes Bruce Willis and Demi Moore amicably celebrating several special occasions together is so darn heartwarming.

A Family Affair

After being separated for nearly 20 years, Willis and Moore prove that staying friendly with your ex is entirely possible as they recently came together to celebrate a milestone in their eldest daughter Rumer’s life – her 30th birthday!

Rumer was joined by her two younger sisters, Tallulah and Scout, as well as parents, Bruce and Demi, for a celebratory family lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel prior to heading back to Demi’s house for a fun-filled pool party.

Images from the lunch show Bruce and Demi laughing and singing Happy Birthday to their daughter as she blows out the candles on a delicious-looking chocolate birthday cake.

Following her birthday lunch, Rumer and her family kept the celebration going with a star-studded group of close friends enjoying an afternoon pool-party soiree at Demi’s.

All three Willis girls took to Instagram to share adorable photo booth images showing Demi and Bruce happily posing and goofing off with the birthday girl, proving that family comes first for these celebrity exes!

From Roasting to Toasting

The week before Rumer’s birthday celebration, Demi and Bruce spent another laughter-filled occasion together, but this time with the laughter being at Willis’s expense!

Joining a host of other celebrity friends (like Edward Norton and Martha Stewart) for Comedy Central’s Roast of Bruce Willis, Demi Moore surprised her ex by unexpectedly showing up and taking the stage to poke fun at Willis as only an ex-wife could do.

“After our divorce, he said he considered the end of our marriage his biggest failure, but Bruce, don’t be so hard on yourself, you’ve had much bigger failures. I mean Planet Hollywood, Hudson Hawk, Striking Distance, campaigning for Michael Dukakis, turning down Clooney’s role in Ocean’s Eleven to focus on playing the harmonica?”

Moore’s set included a number of hysterical digs at Willis regarding his career, his parenting style, and their 13-year marriage, which she humorously explained to the crowd, “I was married to Bruce for the first three Die Hard movies, which makes sense because the last two sucked.”


In spite of the pointed jabs taken at her ex, Moore fondly recalled her marriage to Willis as being “some of the best times of my life”, joking that he was “easily one of my top three husbands.”

Willis clearly took his ex-wife’s digs in stride, though, as was seen by the pair happily celebrating their daughter’s birthday only a week after the roast, providing a stellar example of how to maintain a happy relationship with your ex after a divorce.

Do you or anyone you know have a good relationship with an ex? Do you think it’s possible to stay friends with your ex after a divorce? What’s your favorite Bruce Willis or Demi Moore movie? Share your thoughts and join the conversation below!

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