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Camino de Santiago Tours for Seniors

By Sandra Roussy February 05, 2024 Travel

Going on the legendary Camino de Santiago is a journey of spiritual discovery and personal triumph, and for seniors seeking a unique and fulfilling adventure, tailored Camino de Santiago tours offer a perfect blend of cultural exploration and physical activity.

  1. Saint James Way Small Group Walking Tour (The Camino)- Spain – Join this 19-day tour tailored for active seniors, guided by experienced Odyssey Traveller leaders. Walk through charming towns, serene villages, and the Gothic cathedral of Burgos, experiencing the essence of El Camino de Santiago. Participants receive a pre-tour fitness program to ensure a safe and comfortable walk.
  2. Guided Camino Walk for Senior Travellers – Experience the final 115 kilometers of the Camino on a Walker’s Britain guided walk, qualifying for the pilgrim’s certificate in Santiago. Enjoy the pilgrims’ mass, local tastings, and guided visits to Fisterra, Sarria, and Santiago for spiritual and historical insights. This tailored hiking adventure covers 10 to 18 kilometers per day, offering profound appreciation for the Camino’s history, concluding in Santiago de Compostela.
  3. Camino Frances Last 100km Guided Tour– Join the Camino Frances Last 100km Guided Tour to walk the lush Galician countryside, guided by an English-speaking expert. Covering the final 111 km from Sarria to Santiago in a week, this route offers a social Camino experience, with opportunities to connect with fellow pilgrims, engage in local traditions, and receive pilgrim passport stamps. Upon reaching Santiago, receive your Camino Compostela certificate and explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Old Town.
  4. Camino Portugues Coastal Guided Tour from Baiona to Santiago– Experience the Camino Portugues Coastal Guided Tour, a week-long pilgrimage through the picturesque Rías Baixas region, known for Albariño wine and exquisite shellfish. This alternative to the bustling Camino Frances allows pilgrims to enjoy scenic coastal trails and a quieter journey to Santiago de Compostela.
  5. Buen Camino Lite – Join this light-paced Camino de Santiago Walking Tour designed for a leisurely exploration of the last hundred kilometers from Sarria. Live unique experiences with visits and workshops in the afternoons, immersing yourself in Galician culture. Walk at a relaxed pace, savor cultural moments, and create lasting memories on this extraordinary journey.

These specially curated tours are designed with the needs and preferences of seniors in mind, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience along the historic pilgrimage route. As pilgrims walk the picturesque landscapes of Northern Spain, they are accompanied by knowledgeable guides who provide insights into the region’s rich history and cultural treasures.

With carefully planned itineraries that consider the pace and capabilities of seniors, these tours offer a supportive and inclusive environment, allowing you to savor the magic of the Camino at your own rhythm.

How to Choose a Camino de Santigo Tour

Choosing the right Camino de Santiago tour is crucial to ensuring a safe and enjoyable pilgrimage experience. Here are some key factors to consider when making your decision:

Route Selection

Determine which Camino route aligns with your preferences and physical abilities. The Camino Frances is popular for its historical significance, while the Portuguese Coastal Route offers stunning coastal views. Research the various routes to find one that resonates with your interests and capabilities.

Tour Duration and Pace

Consider the duration of the tour and the pace at which it is conducted. Some tours may be shorter or longer, and the daily walking distances can vary. Choose a tour that aligns with your fitness level and the amount of time you have available for the pilgrimage.

Accommodation Preferences

Camino tours offer a range of accommodation options, from simple hostels to more luxurious hotels. Determine your comfort level and choose a tour that provides accommodation in line with your preferences.

Group Size

Consider the size of the tour group. Smaller groups often foster a more intimate and personalized experience, while larger groups may offer a more social atmosphere. Choose a group size that suits your preference for interaction.

Support Services

Check what support services are included in the tour package. Some tours provide luggage transportation, allowing you to walk with a lighter backpack, while others may offer vehicle support along the route.

Cost and Inclusions

Compare the costs of different tours and carefully review what is included in each package. Ensure that the tour covers essential expenses such as accommodation, meals, and any additional services you may require.

Reviews and Recommendations

Read reviews from fellow pilgrims who have taken the same tour. Recommendations from others can provide valuable insights into the tour company’s reliability, quality of services, and overall satisfaction of participants.

History of the Camino

The Camino de Santiago, known as the Way of St. James, has a deep and ancient history that traces back to the 9th century. The pilgrimage’s origins lie in the discovery of the remains of St. James the Apostle in Santiago de Compostela, situated in northwestern Spain.

Legend has it that St. James, after being martyred in Jerusalem, had his body transported by sea to the Iberian Peninsula. The site of Santiago de Compostela was declared holy after a hermit witnessed a divine light illuminating a field, leading to the rediscovery of St. James’s tomb.

Throughout the Middle Ages, the Camino de Santiago flourished as one of the most significant Christian pilgrimages, drawing believers from all corners of Europe who traversed various routes to reach the sacred destination. St. James, also revered as “Matamoros” or “Moorslayer,” became a symbol during the Reconquista, a period of Christian reconquest in the Iberian Peninsula.

This pilgrimage route left an indelible mark on the landscape, with churches, cathedrals, and monasteries adorning the path, most notably the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. Despite a decline in popularity in the 16th century, the Camino experienced a revival in the late 20th century, attracting a diverse array of modern pilgrims, including those seeking spiritual, cultural, and recreational fulfillment.

Today, the Camino de Santiago remains a powerful symbol of unity and cultural heritage, connecting people on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration.

Camino de Santiago Tours

Saint James Way Small Group Walking Tour (The Camino) Spain

Go on an enriching journey with the Walking the Camino small group walking tour, exploring the historic Camino de Santiago through northwest Spain and Portugal.

Tailored for active senior travelers, this 19-day pilgrimage offers a captivating exploration of the Way of Saint James. Guided by experienced Odyssey Traveller leaders, you will collect pilgrim passport stamps while walking through charming towns and villages, and the Gothic cathedral of Burgos.

The itinerary captures the essence of el Camino de Santiago, leading you through picturesque landscapes, undulating hills, and medieval villages. This curated walking tour includes the walk to Cape Finisterre, a symbolic conclusion for many pilgrims.

Recognizing individual variances in travel preferences, the tour is crafted to accommodate your desired level of activity. Whether you prefer a leisurely pace or wish to complete the designated section for the day, the choice is yours to make. They provide a fitness program specifically designed to help you reach a comfortable activity level before the tour starts.

Whether opting for a more relaxed exploration or an invigorating walk, their commitment is to offer a flexible and inclusive experience tailored to your unique travel style.

  • Tour Operator: Odyssey Traveller
  • Days: 19
  • Price: From €7,657EUR

Guided Camino Walk for Senior Travellers

This guided walk, by Walker’s Britain, invites you to walk the final 115 kilometers of the Camino at a leisurely pace, qualifying you for the coveted pilgrim’s certificate upon reaching Santiago. Experience the renowned pilgrims’ mass and savor tastings of local specialties along the way. The itinerary includes visits to Fisterra, Sarria, and Santiago, each offering guided walks and insights into the spiritual and historical dimensions of the Camino.

This hiking adventure is tailored for those seeking a guided exploration of the pilgrimage route, covering 10 to 18 kilometers per day. As you complete the final stretch, you’ll gain a profound appreciation for the trail’s historical significance and the meditative nature of walking.

Enhancing your Camino experience, the journey incorporates honey and cheese tastings, guided visits to churches, and a visit to the spiritual endpoint at Fisterra on the Atlantic coast. Enjoy the camaraderie of a small group led by a local guide, and each night, find comfort in atmospheric towns, staying in a selection of welcoming hotels and guesthouses where local flavors are introduced by your hosts.

  • Tour Operator: Walker’s Britain
  • Days: 12
  • Price: From £1940GBP

Camino Frances Last 100km Guided Tour

Guided by a friendly and knowledgeable English-speaking guide, walk the lush Galician countryside, gaining insights into the Camino’s unique history, as well as the sights, flora, and fauna of Galicia.

Covering the final 111 km from Sarria to Santiago over a week, this route captures the essence of the Camino de Santiago providing ample opportunities to connect with fellow pilgrims.

Throughout the 8-day/7-night tour, engage with fellow pilgrims, immerse yourself in local traditions, and receive pilgrim passport stamps while walking through woodlands, farmland, and rustic hamlets.

Upon reaching Santiago, get your Camino Compostela certificate and explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Old Town.

  • Tour Operator: Camino Ways
  • Days: 7
  • Price: From €650

Camino Portugues Coastal Guided Tour from Baiona to Santiago

Discover the allure of the Camino Portugues Coastal Guided Tour, a cherished week-long pilgrimage through the Rías Baixas region, renowned for its Albariño white wine and delectable shellfish. Offering a tranquil alternative to the bustling Camino Frances, this coastal route allows pilgrims to embrace both scenic coastal trails and a quieter journey to Santiago de Compostela.

Beginning in the elegant seaside town of Baiona, where the historic Monte Real castle awaits exploration, the tour meanders along the coastal trail towards Vigo, with breathtaking views of the Illas Cíes and Vigo Bay. Joining the classic Camino Portuguese Central Way in Redondela, the group ventures through Pontesampaio, Pontevedra, Caldas de Reis, and Padrón, known for its literary heritage and vibrant green peppers.

  • Tour Operator: Camino Ways
  • Days: 7
  • Price: From €650

Buen Camino Lite

The Buen Camino Lite is a light-paced Camino de Santiago Walking Tour. This classic journey is crafted for a leisurely exploration of the last hundred kilometers from Sarria, completing the pilgrimage in 8 stages at an average of just 13 kilometers (8 miles) per day.

The unique experience gives you extra afternoon time for visits and workshops, immersing yourself in the culture of Galicia. Discover the charm of authentic Galician rural manors, chosen for their exceptional hospitality and service.

Walk the Camino at a relaxed pace, savoring the rich cultural experiences along the way, and create lasting memories on this extraordinary journey.

  • Tour Operator: Marly Camino
  • Days: 10
  • Price: From €4200

Senior Camino: A Guide for Seniors Walking the Camino de Santiago


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I have never done this, but it sounds amazing. I think I would like to do the coastal tour.

Thanks for such an informative and well written article.


My husband has been keen to do one of these walks since we saw the film The Way starring Martin Sheen. We also have an English friend who moved to Santiago from Madrid not long ago. Something to definitely consider when we retire.

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