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Adaptive Clothing for Women in a Wheelchair

By Sandra Roussy June 10, 2023 Beauty

Are you looking for comfortable clothing to go about your day in your wheelchair? Are you a caregiver and want to find clothing that is easy to put on and take off?

  1. REGULAR FIT JEANS from Kinetic Balance
  2. Fleece Poncho from Silverts
  3. Women’s Elasticated Waist Jersey Wheelchair Trousers from Able2Wear
  4. Bluesy Straight Cut Jeans from Hewinson
  5. Adaptive Stretch Fabric Bermuda Short

Adaptive clothing for women in a wheelchair is specially designed attire that accommodates physical limitations and provides comfort, ease of use, and independence.

What to Look for in Adaptive Clothing for Wheelchairs

Some features to look for when shopping for adaptive clothing include:

  • Zipper, magnets, or Velcro closures instead of buttons;
  • Adjustable waistbands;
  • Extended lengths to prevent riding up when seated;
  • Open backs for easy dressing;
  • Looser fits to allow for layers and freedom of movement;
  • Pants with a dropped crotch and higher back for sitting comfort;
  • Wider leg openings for easier dressing.

Adaptive Clothing Styles for Women in a Wheelchair

REGULAR FIT JEANS from Kinetic Balance

REGULAR FIT JEANS from Kinetic Balance

These double-stretch denim jeans are made for sitting. It is their main purpose. These jeans excel in comfort, fit, performance, and looks. The MGNTC version has a fly with a magnetic & hook and loop closure. The loop is made with a soft feeling velour that opens and closes softly without noise or hassle.

Fleece Poncho from Silverts

Fleece Poncho from Silverts

This one-size-fits-all poncho has great lap coverage perfect for a wheelchair. It has a hood, pouch pocket, and a 3/4 front zipper. It has a snap that can be closed so that each arm has a “sleeve” hole, allowing the poncho to move with the person.

Women’s Elasticated Waist Jersey Wheelchair Trousers from Able2Wear

Women's Elasticated Waist Jersey Wheelchair Trousers from Able2Wear

These jersey elasticated waist wheelchair trousers are made from a cotton rich fabric and a soft brushed lining. They don’t have any buttons, zips or fastenings and have a higher shaped back for seating comfortably and also have flat seams to prevent sores.

Bluesy Straight Cut Jeans from Hewinson

Bluesy Straight Cut Jeans from Hewinson

These are great-looking and ultra-comfortable stonewash blue jeans made with super-soft cotton denim. They are designed with a high-rise back tailored for the seated position and pockets that won’t empty when seated. These jeans also have reinforced belt loops for easy pull-on.

Adaptive Stretch Fabric Bermuda Shorts

Adaptive Stretch Fabric Bermuda Shorts

These mid-rise adaptive stretch fabric bermuda shorts have a velcro closure and deep pockets to make sure nothing falls out.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you use a wheelchair? Do you care for someone who does? Tell us what your favorite clothing items are. Where do you shop for your adaptive clothing for women? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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