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Cruise Clothes for Older Ladies 

By Sandra Roussy March 02, 2024 Travel

Going on a cruise is a thrilling experience filled with adventure and relaxation. But before you set sail, one important task is choosing suitable cruising clothing. Whether you’re exploring ports or lounging on deck, finding the perfect balance between style and comfort is key.

  1. Mornings on the ShipBermuda shorts are always good to pack on a cruise. Choose colors that can match several different tops.
  2. Afternoon CocktailsLong dresses with pretty patterns are a great addition to your cruising wardrobe.
  3. Exploring Ports – Long sleeve tops containing SPF 50 for ultra sun protection will protect you from the sun’s rays.
  4. Formal EveningsLong dresses are perfect for formal dining events on the ship. Choose one that can easily be dressed up or down, depending on how you decide to accessorize it.

We’ve put together cruising outfits destined in warm climates to help you create a wardrobe that effortlessly blends fashion and practicality. From casual daywear to glamorous evening attire, let’s ensure you cruise in style and stay comfortable on the open sea and while strolling through port towns.

What to Look for in Cruising Clothes

When selecting cruise clothing, it’s essential to consider both style and function to ensure a comfortable and fashionable experience.

Here are some factors we took into consideration when creating our outfits.


  • Choose pieces that can easily transition from day to night activities.
  • Opt for versatile, mixed, and matched items to create different outfits.


  • Prioritize breathable fabrics, especially in tropical or warm cruise destinations.
  • Ensure clothing is suitable for the activities you plan to engage in, whether exploring ashore or lounging on the ship.


Pack accordingly for the destination’s weather. Lightweight and breathable fabrics for warmer climates and layering options for cooler regions.

Dress Codes

Be aware of any formal nights or dress codes on the cruise. Pack elegant evening wear if needed.

Practical Footwear

  • Bring comfortable shoes for walking during excursions and exploring ports.
  • Include dressier options for formal nights and onboard activities.

New Footwear Tip: Wear in your new shoes or sandals before setting off on your cruise. Wear them around the house and even out and about to ensure they are comfortable and won’t cause blisters or pain.

Sun Protection

  • Pack sun hats, visors, and sunglasses for protection against the sun’s rays.
  • Seek clothing that incorporates SPF for added sun protection – an example of this can be found in the outfits showcased below.


  • Remember to pack swimwear, especially if your cruise includes pool time or visits to the beach.
  • Look for long swim covers that match your swimwear.

Packable and Wrinkle-resistant

Choose clothing that is easy to pack and doesn’t wrinkle easily, especially if you’re limited on luggage space. Some brands have collections dedicated to this purpose – keep reading, and you’ll discover some examples.

Cruise Destination Considerations

  • For cultural excursions, modest attire may be required. Research specific guidelines for each destination.
  • Waterproof or water-resistant options may be useful for cruises involving water activities or rainy weather.


Bring accessories like scarves, jewelry, or hats to enhance and diversify your outfits without taking up much space.

By considering these factors, you can curate a cruise wardrobe that aligns with your style and ensures comfort and practicality throughout your trip.

Cruise Outfits for Women Over 60

Mornings on the Ship

For your morning stroll on the deck, opt for tailored bermuda shorts and a comfortable top. Add a colorful and versatile scarf that can serve as a cover-up and sun protection.

Choose comfortable footwear like sling-back sandals, and complete your look with a canvas tote bag for all your essentials.

Whether enjoying the breeze or having breakfast, your cruise mornings can be easygoing and fashionable.

Floral Drop Shoulder Tee

10-Inch Bermuda Shorts


Medium Natural 5 Pocket Open Top Canvas Tote Bag

Wrap Scarf

Afternoon Cocktails

For the afternoon cocktail hour on the ship, as a woman over 60, you can effortlessly blend sophistication with comfort. Opt for a long dress in an elegant print. This choice strikes the perfect balance between casual and chic, allowing you to enjoy the social atmosphere onboard.

Pair your dress with comfortable yet stylish cutout slip-on shoes for ease of movement, a clutch handbag, and some fun statement jewelry like this fish bracelet.

SAIL to SABLE SARAH & MOLLY Cotton Eyelet Stripe Print Long Sleeve Midi Caftan Dress

Sunburst Clutch

Kihei Collection Turquoise Fish Pull-Tie Bracelet

Easy Street Women’s Narrow Width Bugsy Cutout Slip-On Shoes

Exploring Ports

When going on onshore excursions, opt for a timeless and comfortable style. Choose a long-sleeve top with an added 50 SPF sun protection for optimal coverage against the sun’s rays. Ensure you wear exceptionally comfortable shoes, especially if you anticipate significant walking during your outing.

Crew Neck Long Sleeve Rash Guard UPF 50 Sun Protection Modest Swim Tee Print

Starfish Mid Rise Elastic Waist Pull-On Crop Pants

Packable Floral Ultra-Braid Visor

Palm Beach Natural Fiesta Tote


Formal Evenings

Many cruise ships require formal dinner attire on certain evenings. For this type of event, aim for an elegant and sophisticated look. Consider a midi-length dress in a rich color like this one from Chico’s Travellers’ collection. The dress is made from wrinkle-free fabric and is perfect for traveling. Pair your dress with elegant flats and a shawl for an extra layer of refinement and cover, especially in air-conditioned dining areas.

Enjoy the exquisite dining experience in style and sophistication!

Travelers Floral Bell Sleeve Dress


Wrap & Scarf in One

Gold-Tone Flower Cutout Drop Earrings

If certain items in this article are unavailable, seek alternative looks that capture the same style and essence of the outfits.

Practical Tip: Bring this article along while shopping and consult with the sales associates in the stores for assistance in recreating similar looks.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you regularly go on cruises? Will you be going on your first cruise soon? What are cruising clothing tips? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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Cheryl Walsh

my tips….
Always take a couple of cardigans and pashminas… my experience has been that there are always” cold spots” on cruise ships( and sometimes coaches) where the air conditioning is particularly ferocious! A nice big pashmina also can double as a light rug if you fancy an afternoon nap in your cabin or want to sit out on deck at night.
Leave your valuables and treasured jewels at home… I have a jewellery pouch just for cruises, with fun earrings, cheap rings and fake pearls… the bigger and brighter, the better! That way, it’s not the end of the world if you lose an earring in the pool.
Invest in packing cubes or pouches… different colours for each person you travel with… it makes packing and unpacking much easier, and it’s less complicated to go through Customs
I have a packet of laundry soap sheets which have the detergent impregnated, and I find that 1/4 sheet will wash undies in the sink or rinse at top and a whole sheet will do a load. Most cruise ships have laundry facilities, but not all provide detergent. Much better than a baggie of loose detergent!

joanne Yannello

After 54 cruises, reduction in packing is key for me these days. Mix and match, along with accessories, eliminate the need for overpacking.

Linn P

Been cruising since 1995. I know how to dress and accessorize.

Last edited 1 month ago by Linn P
Sandra Roussy

Hi Linn,

These outfit ideas are simply suggestions for women looking for inspiration when planning their cruises.

I’m sure our readers would love your positive input and ideas regarding your cruising wardrobe. :)




Comfort is key!

Jeanette Elchuck

I want to say that it was a great article. at this age, we all know how to dress pretty much we go for comfortable clothes.
BUT, I do not see why age should be a factor in deciding what we wear. We know we can’t go around wearing thongs and skimpy clothes. So we should dress up according to what we want to wear. Dressing should not have anything whatsoever to do it age. (And I am 81 years old )
Just saying…

Sandra Roussy

Hi Jeanette,

Here at Sixty & Me, our demographic is primarily women over 60. The article titles mention age because it makes it easier for our readers to find our articles when searching online.

I agree with you, we should wear what we want, regardless of age. :)

This type of article is merely suggestions for women who may need inspiration.


The Author

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