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Does Age Matter? Is Dating a Younger Man After 60 a Dream or a Disaster?

By Sixty and Me October 04, 2019 Dating

Dating for older women can be as exciting as we want it to be! But what happens when you meet a man a little younger? Should you pursue it? Is the relationship doomed to fail from the beginning? Is the age difference an issue that cannot be overcome?
If you have ever thought about dating a younger man but couldn’t decide what to do, you will really love watching today’s video with Lisa Copeland!

In today’s Sixty and Me video, dating coach Lisa Copeland from Find A Quality Man joins Margaret Manning to discuss the up’s and down’s of dating for mature women – especially when it comes to a younger man!

How To Approach Dating After 50

Before looking for a companion after 50, the biggest thing you might need to rethink is your attitude. As Margaret says, “Women still limit themselves in what they think a relationship is, even in their 50’s and 60’s.”

Rather than approaching dating as another lifelong commitment, we need to approach what a relationship is with an open mind. For some women, this could mean having a companion they see a few times a week, for others, it might mean moving in with their beau.

It doesn’t need to be the stereotypical progression of dating, then marriage. “You can have a spectrum of friendships with people,” says Margaret. Be open to new experiences, and allow the new relationship to develop naturally – as Lisa says, “You have nothing to lose – it could just be a lot of fun” – and this is what dating for older women should be about!

Should You Conceal Your Age?

The short answer is no – a relationship should be about the connection, common interests, and a mutual attraction that goes beyond superficial concerns such as age. Ageism is an issue we are all concerned with; yet, we are often our own harshest critics!

Lisa believes we should be honest and upfront about our age because it gives you control – you’re not stressed, worrying about what the other person might think. When you throw it out there first, you show that you are proud of your age, and have nothing to hide!

Do not, under any circumstances, lie about your age on your online dating profiles. Any relationship that develops from a lie will start off on the wrong foot, and is doomed from the beginning – would you trust someone who lies to you right away? As Margaret says, “Trust yourself and be proud of your age!” Be proud of who you are, and dating over 50!

What About S-E-X?

Men are into you, or they’re not – they just don’t bother dating or pursuing you if they’re not into you! We’re the ones that have issues with taking our clothes off, and we shouldn’t project our fears on to others.

Like anything in life, everything always works better if you have open and honest communication about your needs and expectations. We’ve all been around long enough to know that a fantastic physical connection often comes from the strength of an emotional attachment. That’s not to say a strong bond is absolutely necessary, but women who are a little shy are probably going to find this helps overcome any apprehensions they may have.

As Lisa says, “You have all these possibilities if you love you and where you are in life – that’s the secret – being comfortable in your age.” The bottom line is not to let your fears and apprehensions overshadow your opportunities of dating after 50 – trust yourself!

Don’t Men Want Younger Women?

Making assumptions about other people is one of the worst habits when dating after 50. We all assume that men have left their partners for a younger woman, but this is simply untrue!

Lisa believes this assumption stems from our own fears about our age, and when we focus on what we fear our mind proves it to be right! Everyone has left a relationship at some point or another for his or her own reason. We have no basis for assuming a man will always pursue a woman younger than he is!

As Margaret says, “Trust yourself and be proud of your age,” and you will find that when you project confidence and positivity, it is what you will receive in return.

Have you ever dated a younger man? Do you find dating over 50 liberating? Have you been successful with online dating? Let’s have a chat!

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I am 67 and have a 4 yr relationship with my 34 yr old partner. We met online and then irl. We both adore each other, and age isn’t an issue for us.


My whole life I have always dated younger men. I have never had a problem most of them had a hard time keeping up with me lol I have never had to do online dating and dating younger men are the only men I find as young as me.

Last edited 1 year ago by Debi

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